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Set Your day up for Success – Build Routes

March 16, 2023
Build your Route

How’s that saying go? – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Yep, that’s more or less how most things in life go. And getting from point A to point B on the road is no exception. If you’re in the delivery industry or find yourself on the road a lot for various tasks and coordinating other members for work, then you’re definitely going to want to stick around for a few minutes. Because in this article, we’re going to loop you in on the not-so-secret tool that drivers are using today to crush their day and calculate their driving route.

The current issue drivers are experiencing today

If you or your team is tasked with spending large amounts of the day on the road, you are likely pouring a lot of mental energy and time into simply being on the road and alert at all time. But that’s really only half of the job. In reality, delivery truck drivers for example, who have to make multiple stops throughout the day, need to plan all drop points accordingly if they want to spend as little time on the road as possible. But that’s no easy feat, and often drivers find themselves zipping back and forth, often re-tracing route portions that they have already done earlier in the day for another drop point. Or, sitting down with a sigh, exclaiming, “okay, time to calculate my route for the day,” and then chewing up a lot of time to do so that could be spent in other ways.
Today’s drivers need an all-encompassing software that will calculate their route for them with the click of a button. No zipping back and forth between drop-off points, no chewing time to build a route at the start of their shift, no tediously entering client addresses and information into their GPS one character at a time. Just a simple push and go; that’s what drivers today want and need. And that is precisely what MyRouteOnline has created.

Who is this for?

This comprehensive route-planning software can benefit anyone who drives a vehicle on the road. But, certain types of people (groups and individuals) would experience the deeper benefits that MyRouteOnline offers.
Satisfied users include:

  • Business owners with team members that are required to be conducting lots of routes at the same time.
  • Delivery truck drivers that want help to build a route efficiently.
  • Long-haul truck drivers that have lots of stops to make over a series of days, with required personal and professional stops.
  • Construction teams that need to orchestrate getting supplies to and from the correct site locations.
  • Service and maintenance technicians that find themselves driving to multiple jobs in one day.
  • Sales reps and real estate agents who are constantly on the go and want to appear calm and in control when taking clients to different potential properties.
  • Sporting coordinators, their team, and support staff.
  • And many more!
  • Things to consider to have a successful and accomplished day

    Calculating an effective route is only one part of what is required to craft a successful day. MyRouteOnline can take away the stress of having to calculate a route each morning, but there are other things to consider and be aware of before so that you can use this information to create a thorough and realistic travel route.

  • Have you exported all of your stop points and client information from an external source? Or have they previously been saved in the MyRouteOnline app?
  • How many stops will you be making?
  • How long do you anticipate being at each stop?
  • What is the purpose of this stop? E.g., Are you dropping something off? If so…
  • Do you need help loading or unloading objects?
  • Who will be tasked with helping you with this?
  • Have you incorporated personal stops into your route for things like lunch and restroom stops?

    Knowing all of this and incorporating it into your route calculation will help you meet your daily goals, ensure that you are addressing your personal well-being, and make sure your customers retrieve their goods by the promised time.

    How it works

    As stated earlier, there are a lot of additional functionalities and features that will help certain users experience the deeper benefits of using MyRouteOnline.
    These features include:

  • Exporting client information and address details from external master list sources.
  • Storing client information and prior route details to return to again easily.
  • Allows team leads to receive real-time alerts when a package is dropped off or the driver meets their destination.
  • And much more!
  • See for yourself why teams all across the world are making the switch to MyRouteOnline!
    Build your Route Today

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