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Route Planning for Multiple Addresses is Easier than Ever

January 05, 2023
Multiple Addresses

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when we all had to go on Mapquest or whatever other online map service we could find and print out directions to wherever it was that we were going. This was clumsy enough when there was just one trip in mind.
Luckily, recent years have brought us the wonderful affordability of gps, both portable and in-dash. Even this system loses some effectiveness however, when route planning for multiple address map is involved. For instance, a gps requires you to input each address for each individual trip, and will not provide you with the most effective route for all of your trips as a whole. This is why a need was created for something still just a bit better than gps. Welcome to the world of automatic route planning.

With MyRouteOnline, you can do several things that a gps still can’t do, including:
• Calculate over 200 addresses — Plan as many as 1000 addresses in one route.
• Import contacts — Automatically enter multiple addresses with an imported list of contacts.
• Save routes — Save your route plan to your computer.
• Email routes — Send your route plan to your email or iphone.
• Much, much more!

If all that wasn’t enough, for the ultimate in route planning efficiency, consider the ability to use with your gps! The website is fully compatible with the option to download your route plan for all of your multiple address stops into a Garmin or TomTom gps unit.

In conclusion, we’ve come along way from pulling over at the local rest stop to use the pay phone to ask for directions, or scribbling them down on a half-used and coffee-stained sheet of notebook paper for driving reference. The technology is there and it’s ultimately easy to use. So if you need to plan a route for multiple addresses or stops, up to as many as 350, why not take advantage?

“Simple, efficient, and effective”, MyRouteOnline is an advanced web application, for all types of users with any level of complexity. The ability to plan routes for multiple addresses becomes infinitely easier with our technology. Please contact us today for more information. We would love to hear from you!