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Route Optimization Software for Food Delivery Business

July 24, 2022
Route Optimization Software food delivery

Ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, only prepare food for delivery orders and do not have a storefront, a dining room or any dine-in facilities. While some ghost kitchens rely on third-party delivery services like UberEats, Deliveroo, DoorDash, etc., others use their own delivery service.
If you’re planning deliveries, follow these steps:

  1. Import an Excel spreadsheet with as many as 1000 destinations
  2. Optimize your route by time or distance to get the shortest route
  3. Email the route to your drivers for a live map with all destinations

An Upcoming Trend of Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens have become increasingly popular amongst several restaurants, especially fast-food chains for a few years now. For instance, Wendy’s is partnering with REEF to open 50 ghost kitchens across the U.S. in non-traditional restaurant locations in just this year. FiveGuys has come up with similar strategic plans to target underpenetrated locations, capture a different market, while saving on reducing restaurant costs. While Wendy’s and FiveGuys are likely to use third-party services, Zomato has a similar ghost kitchen model, that uses in-house logistics.
With the pandemic, restrictions, and people reluctant to eat out, most restaurants had, at least temporarily, turned into ghost kitchens. Experts suggest that COVID-19 has thus boosted the food-tech industry and accelerated this already upcoming trend.
Since delivery goes hand-in-hand with cooking, ghost kitchens need reliable and efficient delivery partners to ensure food orders reach their customers on time. By having a well-planned delivery system in place, a ghost kitchen can simplify logistics, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Multiple Stop Route Planner in the Food-Tech Industry

An easy and effective way to achieve your delivery goals is to use a system for delivery routing.
While you may consider using google maps, you will quickly realize it is tough to map the shortest route with multiple destinations. Google Maps requires you to manually enter each destination in the order you would like to visit them. For long journey with dozens of stops, this is a tedious and almost impossible task.
Our route planning solution comes with diverse features that can benefit your ghost kitchen and achieve goals like:
1. Faster Deliveries and Reduced Delivery Time
Having to deliver to numerous addresses can leave your drivers backtracking and losing valuable time. Traffic jams, road closures, and unexpected changing schedules also add to delivery delays. Choosing a route optimization tool like MyRouteOnline can help you reach your customers quickly. It can map the fastest, shortest, and most efficient way to reach your customers by taking into account schedule changes, rerouting for traffic, and keeping track of all customers and their addresses.
Route planning ensures that your driver’s routes are efficient, with regards to the journey time and the distance traveled. This then allows drivers to deliver more orders within their shifts. Thus, a delivery route planner not only reduces delivery time and cuts delivery costs but also increases productivity and efficiency.
2. Fuel and Time Savings
You can map a route based on your specific goal. For example, choosing to minimize distance plans a route so that you travel the least, opting to minimize time plans a route in which you spend the least time on the road, and balancing the two creates the most efficient route.
Our Multi Stop Route Planner allows you to upload and map multiple locations, plan your visits and get the most efficient route. Our PC- and mobile-friendly app offers delivery solutions that decrease planning time, cut fuel costs, reduce time on the road, and improve your bottom line.
3. Cutting Costs and Improved Efficiency
Optimizing routes, reducing delivery time, increasing the number of deliveries in one shift, and saving fuel reduce costs.
MyRouteOnline lets you save an unlimited number of routes online, import and export addresses, organize data in excel, filter-in necessary data, and set parameters to plan multiple routes. You can plan different routes based on your goal, re-calculate your route order, and reload saved routes. The app allows you to account for time spent at each location, track delivery drops, and send routes to multiple employee emails. Such features automate admin and facilitate the management, reducing the personnel needed to manage logistics and delivery.

Most businesses face logistical challenges to deliver to their customers daily, and a good app for routing deliveries can help them avoid mistakes, improve company productivity and facilitate customer service.
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