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Route mapping for food delivery business

April 14, 2015

The Los Angeles Times wrote about the newest restaurant courier service
to join a rapidly growing market. The San Francisco-based company Caviar delivers restaurant food in eight LA metropolitan areas for a flat $9.99 fee.

Food Start Up

This is one of dozens of food start ups that are seeking to address the needs of a populace that is too busy to shop or go to a restaurant for meals. Food delivery is a growing and well financed market. In 2014, GrubHub raised $192 million with its initial public offering for its food delivery service, Seamless, the article noted. More than $1.6 billion was invested last year in food-related tech companies — a 33 percent increase from the year before.

Order Food Online

Caviar, which delivers food from high end restaurants after customers order online from a selection of eateries in their ZIP code, was recently listed by Benzinga as one of the top five food delivery companies. Also making the list were Munchery and Sprig, in San Francisco. Sprig delivers hot food to customers for a flat fee. Munchery delivers chilled food in the same market.

Ingredients Subscriptions

HelloFresh, also on the list, offers a slightly different service, as it delivers fresh ingredients via a weekly subscription service and customers make the meals on their own. The list also includes Fooda, which delivers small orders from restaurants in Chicago and New York, and also helps those restaurants to temporarily set up shop inside of local businesses.

Food Delivery Service

If you’re involved in the food delivery business, you can expand your food delivery services and help your bottom line through reduced spending on fuel and time saved with route mapping. MyRouteOnline can help. For more information, contact us.