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Restaurants Using a Delivery Routing Program

July 20, 2015
Restaurant Deliveries for Football Games

2015 USA Football Games

Whenever anyone has a discussion about football, half of it is about the game, and the other half revolves around the food. Everyone loves to nosh while watching the big game, and if you own a restaurant, you can use it to your advantage. People love the convenience of having their food brought right to their doorstep so they don’t miss a play, and this can easily be done with a delivery routing program.

Simple Delivery Process

Many food establishment don’t offer delivery out of fear. They’re not sure how long it would take to get to certain places, whether the food would stay hot, and how to manage different destinations. A web-based route planner simplifies the delivery process so you can focus on making great food and getting it to your customers.

Food Can Be Delivered

With our route planning app, all you need to do is import the addresses where you need to deliver and it will figure out the shortest delivery route so that everyone gets their food while it’s still fresh.
To get an even better picture of your route, you can indicate how long you will need at each stop and that will be calculated into your route, so you’ll know when your drivers are back at the restaurant for more delivereis. The route can be sent to a phone or GPS so whoever is driving will have the information all ready for them. Based on the times, you can decide how many deliveries can be done in one routing, and whether you need to invest in another driver.

Football used to be just about pizza, but now wings, subs, gourmet sandwiches, chili, soup, and many other delicacies are being brought in as perfect football food. If you own a restaurant, don’t miss the boat.
Dream up some football specials, offer deliveries, use our route-planning software and you’ll see your business prosper.
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