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Planning Deliveries Important for Small Business Owners

August 29, 2013     ShareThis

One of the “next big things” for businesses large and small is home delivery. Amazon is delivering groceries in certain markets, Walmart is testing having customers deliver orders to other customers in their neighborhood, and florists large and small have been delivering flowers and fruit baskets for years. But with any retailer, large or small, planning deliveries in an orderly manner is absolutely essential to success.
With today’s harried consumers having less time than ever for shopping, you can hit a home run in business if you offer home delivery. The huge increase in online shopping is driving the need for same day or next day delivery of orders. Consumers want, even demand, almost immediate delivery of their goods and supplies without the inconvenience of actually driving to the store and picking them up. This goes for groceries, pizza, flowers, electronics and every other category of goods you can imagine.
So the opportunity is great for delivery services, businesses that offer delivered products, or a variety of other business plans that all center on speedy delivery of consumer goods. You might be delivering diapers and formula for one client, fresh fruits and vegetables for another, or office supplies for another.

But none of these plans work unless you have efficient routing. Products and services need to be delivered in the shortest period of time possible in many cases. Whether you outsource your delivery or hire drivers and lease trucks, or do it yourself, the cost of gas alone requires the deliveries to be done in the most streamlined way possible.
This is where the whole process can fall apart. If you or your drivers are struggling to find delivery locations, if they discover they have made a delivery in one part of town and now need to go back the way they came for the next delivery, there is no profit in either time or money to be made. You need efficient, easy to use route planning software that will save enormous amounts of time for your drivers, and therefore save lots of money for your business. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you to deliver excellent service for your customers and profits for you.