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Planning deliveries: Don’t be afraid to rock the boat

February 24, 2014     ShareThis

We all know that a daily exercise routine is good for us. For those of us who actually make the effort to work out consistently, although we’re proud of our commitment to a routine, we should beware that with that commitment also comes the danger of getting so far entrenched in our routine that we’re not open to making the changes necessary to get the most out of our workouts.

Any time we find ourselves driven by routine, we face the same danger. Whether it’s a morning workout, weekly trips to the grocery store, planning the annual family vacation or devising a daily delivery route, we all want to get the most out of our investment. Time and money are both precious; therefore, anything that we can do to ensure a strong return on our efforts is a bonus.

When planning deliveries, we’re often driven by routine. Without realizing it, we become comfortable in assuming that the established routes are the most effective, simply because they have always been the established routes. With such closed-minded thinking, we fail to take into consideration changing traffic patterns, establishment of newer roadways, and the complexity of an often-shifting client base.

While consistency in route delivery planning can be a definite benefit, there are other components to consider. For example, route planners must examine elements in both of the following categories:

Time – Route planners must ask themselves if the routes they’ve selected make the most efficient use of the time available. For example, they must ask themselves if driving a few miles out of the way in order to take a toll road will save them more time in the long run. They must also take into consideration how certain roadways operate at different times of the day, avoiding some routes during peak traffic times.

Fuel – At the same time, they must consider not only the most efficient use of time but the most efficient use of fuel. Although taking alternate routes may save time, they could also cause increased fuel consumption and therefore have an adverse effect not only on the company’s expenses but also on the environment.

Balancing these two elements requires skill, forethought, and often more time than most small business owners are willing to spend. Fortunately, MyRouteOnline exists to eliminate the hassle. Our web-based software does the heavy lifting for you, planning routes that are both time and energy efficient, leaving you free to focus on the vital matter of running your business. With the ability to enter up to 350 addresses at a time, you’ll be able to plan unique, effective routes on demand.

Although breaking a routine is often a challenge, we encourage you to free yourself from the grinding routine of route planning. For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us.