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The Best Way to Plan Catering Routes

February 05, 2014

We’re pretty sure we’ve discovered the most frustrating part of dealing with a catering business. Fortunately, we’re also pretty sure we’ve also discovered the best way to deal with it. Imagine this: by some miracle, the food is prepared. There have been no shortages of supplies or last-minute cooking emergencies. Your driver has arrived for his shift on time, your assistants have loaded the food into the van without mishap, and it’s time to hit the road.

That’s when the bickering starts.
The driver knows the best way, but one of the assistants is sure that there’s too much traffic along that route this time of day. One of the waiters pipes up that he, of one, prefers to take back roads all the time. Your driver tells everyone to be quiet and goes along his original route… where there turns out to be backed-up traffic due to road work. When the assistant claims that he hates to bring it up, but he had told everybody so, they fall into a squabble, since all he had predicted had been traffic, not road work.

Meanwhile, the driver is sweating. The minutes on the clock are ticking away, putting them closer and closer to being late. In the back, the food slowly goes past its prime. Distracted, the driver takes a wrong turn and needs to double back. In his haste to arrive on time, he then accelerates through a turn and takes the corner too sharply, causing everything in the back to slosh around worryingly.

If only he were driving for a company with enough foresight to use MyRouteOnline! With turn-by-turn driving directions and four optimization goals, he could have been assured a hassle-free drive guaranteed to save time, fuel, and money.

Yes, planning catering delivery routes that are both timely and energy efficient can be a drag, but remember that MyRouteOnline is here to help. With a free trial and no installation needed, you could get started right now.
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