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Plan the Best Route for Your Next Vacation

June 20, 2019

When it’s vacation time, you want to maximize the fun and minimize the stress of traveling. Most people start by exploring travel sites to find the places they want to visit. But how can you create the best travel plan to make the most of your time?
MyRouteOnline helps you find the best route to get where you want to go quickly and easily, so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Once you have a list of destinations, MyRouteOnline lets you create a route of 20 stops or less for free. Just enter your addresses; import an Excel, text or CSV file; or import address lists from cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Whether it’s a family road trip or a city tour, MyRouteOnline automatically optimizes and creates the best route for your trip. You can customize your route to minimize distance, minimize time, or balance distance and time.
Then, simply choose the best way to export your optimized route:

  1. Export routes to Excel and save them to your local computer
  2. Send routes to any email address or several emails at once
  3. Navigate with MyRoute app and your favorite navigation app
  4. Export routes to TomTom, Garmin and Google Maps

Plan your Route Today, Try it for Free!
If you’re planning a longer trip, the MyRouteOnline Mini plan is an affordable way to plan trips with 100 stops or less. The money you save in gas alone will likely make our route planning service pay for itself—plus, you’ll reduce your time, mileage and stress.
When it’s time to hit the road, use MyRouteOnline to plan your best vacation yet. You’ll see for yourself how easy online route planning can be.