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Plan a route and navigate using your smartphone

January 11, 2013     ShareThis

What options do you have to upload route-plan info to iPhone or Android navigation apps?
Do you have an app that allows import routes similar to Garmin or TomTom data?

Our planner produces gpx and itn files and if your navigation apps can use such files then you can import them to your Smartphone, just as you would do with a GPS device.

Another option is to email your planned route and use the links of each address to “navigate to” your destination, following these steps:

1) In MyRouteOnline – send your route-plan by Email (no need to attach a GPS file)
2) Open the email in your Smartphone email reader
3) Click on the first address (hyperlink) – to show it up in your Smartphone’s GPS navigation
Now select ‘Navigate to this address’
If you’re using Google Maps, you should see a blue circle in the lower right corner of the screen.
Press and hold the blue circle and navigation should start.
4) Once you’ve reached that address (and are ready to move to the next one) – repeat step 2-3 for the next address.

If you wish to use your navigation app with your planned route, download MyRoute app, that will do the job.

Drive safely.