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Pest Control Software: When you Don’t Have a Route Planner

November 06, 2019
Pest Control Software

Whether you are just starting up or have been established for decades, pest companies need good software to effectively run their business. There are unique requirement combinations for pest control organizations that many other companies do not need so finding the right software can be tricky.

To stay competitive in this current economy, companies need to save costs without sacrificing service. Having a good software can help you achieve both of these goals and in fact may improve your customer service. Try to find a software that includes room for growth because that is your goal no matter if you are a one man operation or 10,000 strong workforce. Scalability in software is as important as any quality for success now and the future.

Almost every company need billing and database capabilities so nothing new there for pest control. However, for a pest control company to be effective, they need inventory information, scheduling, reporting and route planning. The complexity of the business requires the software to be multi-purpose. Many pest control software companies fall short of the route planning aspect, at least what would be considered route optimization.

Like any service company, getting to the customer in a timely manner is critical to success. When your software solutions do not include route optimization, the capability to plan routes in efficient, cost effective ways, it can be a headache for management, drivers and customers alike. Having a route planner that takes care of the needs of all three players involved plus is accessible on any smartphone gives a pest control company a leg up on the competition.

While the competition is stiff in the pest control industry, using MyRouteOnline can give an edge in route planning. MyRouteOnline can be integrated to any Pest Control software at your request, or there is always the option to export an excel from your software and importing it to the Route Planner. Being able to create routes and make adjustments on the fly, tracking a driver’s progress and allowing time between stops to provide accurate routes, makes for a smooth operation and happy customers. It also lessens the stress on drivers who no longer need to stress about timeliness as it is all laid out for them with ample time to give the best customer service possible.

MyRouteOnline is the perfect solution for pest control companies that need software solutions saving them money down the road. It is free to try and inexpensive to use, making it appealing to start up companies and large corporations alike. With opportunities like MyRouteOnline, pest control operations can step up their game immediately and see the results.

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