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Optimize Your Distribution with the Best App for Delivery Drivers

July 05, 2023
Best App for Delivery Drivers

Are you running, or working at a professional delivery company that operates in daily deliveries, procurement, and distribution? Are you or your drivers spending hours a day on the road? When you have multiple stops to make any given day, not only are you spending lots of time trekking back and forth on the road, but you can also spend hours of precious time attempting to plan out an ideal route in an effort to avoid back-tracking. Your business can significantly benefit from the support of a professional app for delivery drivers that helps bring more ease and efficiency to their workday. Below, we’re going to tell you exactly what to look for in an app, exactly what to avoid, and our top recommendation on the best apps for delivery drivers.

What to look for in a routing app

We put optimization first because it is the most important and influential factor in the app’s overall performance and how it impacts your day. A good app for delivery drivers is able to take its needs into account and create the most efficient option for them according to their needs and preferences. The point of outsourcing a component of your day to an app is to save you time, both on the road and off the road, during the planning and routing phase.
The best apps for delivery drivers are ones that allow the driver to select customizations and preferences. There are a few ways in which this can be done. If you’re working with a more basic app (that isn’t as good at optimization), they may offer an option for users to optimize/customize the route themselves by rearranging the destinations and selected routes. A more comprehensive app will allow users to choose preferences such as prioritizing time and distance.
User friendly
Nowadays, apps need to be user-friendly to really succeed, and it’s clear to see why. It’s super frustrating when apps are janky and don’t offer an experience with the flow. You’ve probably been there before, too. You download an app for whatever purpose, all excited to get in there and dive into the goodness within. But then it stalls; it appears strangely on the screen; things are either too cluttered, too spread out, or things are placed in nonsensical places. Eventually, you get frustrated enough, delete the app and search for one of its competitors instead. This is particularly important for delivery drivers; it’s simply unsafe for them to have to fuss around with inefficient apps while they are on the road.
If you’re searching for the best free app for delivery drivers, it’s great to be able to test out the app and see if it’s right for you before investing in a monthly or annual subscription. There are also many completely free navigation and routing apps.

Red flags and what to avoid in an app for delivery drivers

  • Little to no optimization
  • Overly complicated
  • No customization options
  • No cross-app capability
  • No team integration and updates
  • Single-use capability that only allows one team member at a time to utilize the full features of the app
  • The best GPS app for delivery drivers

    Straight up, it’s MyRouteOnline. You may think we’re biased (and we guess maybe a little), but it truly does meet all the desires of a delivery today and exceeds them with a lot more bells and whistles available.
    Why MyRouteOnline is the best app for driving directions

  • Import a list of destinations from Excel, Text, and CSV or from Google Drive and Dropbox (serious time-saver!)
  • Optimize a route with up to 1000 stops
  • Select your optimization from minimize distance, minimize time, balance distance and time
  • Reload and update previously saved routes
  • Manually move stops from within your route as you wish
  • Set a service time, either a specific one for each destination or a default time to allow for dropping of packages, etc
  • Large teams can plan an unlimited number of routes at once
  • Team leads and managers can receive updates on successful deliveries and driver location
  • Drivers can receive user-friendly animated directions
  • Reverse your entire route with the Pick-up and Drop-off feature
  • Share routes via email with several team members at once
  • Share routes to daily navigational apps such as TomTom, Garmin, Waze, and Google Maps
  • It’s free to get started
  • And so much more!
  • So, maybe we’re biased, but with good reason. Get started with the best GPS app for delivery drivers right now!
    Try MyRoute app for Free!