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Operating a Highly Successful Delivery Management Business

April 12, 2023
Delivery Management Software

If you currently operate a delivery business, you will love what we’re about to share with you. Whether you deliver groceries, floral arrangements, construction materials, or whatever requires you to distribute goods to multiple destinations, your company would benefit from effective delivery management and delivery routing. The issue with this is that it can eat up a lot of workforce resources; in some cases, entire teams are hired just to manage the logistics of delivery logistics and ensure everything flows smoothly. However, there is a more efficient way to help your delivery business improve its systems and operate like a well-oiled machine.

The industry at a glance

During the pandemic’s peak, we saw delivery requests surge; many businesses struggled to meet the demand. In addition, most delivery management businesses didn’t have the systems in place to perform at their highest level. Since things have globally re-opened for the most part, there have been some decreases in certain delivery specialties. But, if we compare the number of delivery requests today to what we experienced in Q1 2020, there is a significant increase in demand.

This is good news for those in the delivery industry as there is a high demand and lots of work to be had. But on the flip side, people have become so used to having their goods delivered ASAP; they now expect a tight turnaround time from ordering to receiving their delivery. This stresses that the delivery management teams operate efficiently to deliver their customers’ orders promptly. And the competition can be fierce, especially if you’re a small business trying to compete with the likes of Amazon.

How can delivery management teams adjust to the growing needs of the industry?
With the seemingly ever-growing increase in demand and desired fast turnaround times, efficiency is more important than ever. Particularly if you offer the same or similar goods to others, people will always lean toward getting their items sooner rather than later.

The key is minimizing time spent on delivering routing and essentially using a third-party app. MyRouteOnline is a multi-stop route navigation app that can plan as many as 1000 stops per route. All you need to do is import your list of delivery stops, no need to input them manually- remember, we’re going for as efficient as possible here.

The benefits of utilizing MyRouteOnline

Premium delivery management teams have some form of delivery tracking system as part of their everyday operations. It can improve many areas of your business functionality and outcomes, including:

Monitoring and Communication

When you have to rely on manual monitoring and communication it leaves room for user error. Our minds are usually wrapped up in thinking ahead to the next task or concentrating on the task right before us, such as reversing out of an unfamiliar parking spot. MyRouteOnline allows delivery management team leads to track how many deliveries have been made and monitor upcoming deliveries and routes. The real-time tracking feature enables them to respond to any situation as needed.

Route Optimization

The fundamental feature that delivery companies come to MyRouteOnline for is to target and nail their route optimization. There’s no need to spend hours of human resources manually figuring out routes when you have the technology to do it for you. Beyond the initial route creation, team leads can get a bird’s eye view of any potential delivery routing hiccups, such as road closures. The app will consider any of these changes when re-calculating its algorithm and updating the scheduled delivery times.

Exceptional customers experience

All of this means your delivery company can provide its customers with an informed and elevated customer experience. Customers are always impressed when our deliveries arrive ahead of time!

Join hundreds of others that have decided to increase their delivery efficiency and impress their customers!
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