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New Navigation App Ideal for Multi-Stop Routes

September 16, 2015
MyRoute app Navigation Assistant

Living in the age of technology, everyone has come to rely on GPSs or some type of digital direction system, which have replaced maps for years now. All the current programs only allow you to enter a starting and ending location. But what if you are planning a road trip with multiple sites you want to visit along the way to your destination? Or perhaps your occupation requires you to drive a delivery route… Regardless of the reason, MyRouteOnline has the perfect app for you.

Ease of Use

The app is user friendly, and ties directly to your account online. Once you are signed up, enter all the addresses you want to stop at on your drive. MyRouteOnline will create the most efficient route possible, saving time and fuel. Now that your route is created, email your route and all you have to do is pull the app up on your phone and with just one click, upload it and you are good to go. The app will display a notification once you reach your first destination and then with one more click, it will upload the next address in your route. It was created with ease of use in mind to limit the amount of time spent toying with a GPS while out on the road.

Bottom Line

The MyRouteOnline app is free for everyone with an account, without any in app purchases needed. Joining MyRouteOnline is easy and free for up to 6 addresses, ideal for road trip vacations. There are tiered pricing for additional addresses up to 350 per run, so if you are a delivery driver, this is perfect for your company. Aside form the tiered pricing, another benefit for businesses is the ability to program the same address for free up to one month. This maximizes the membership for all clients right from the start.

This app is truly revolutionizing driving routes, no matter if they are for work or play. It keeps your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and assist you in getting to your destinations safely. Sign up today and start saving time and money on the road.