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MyRouteOnline: The Ideal Food Delivery Driver App

March 30, 2022

As the pandemic has accelerated the already-growing food delivery business, restaurants, ghost kitchens, and other food-service companies have started using a food delivery driver app.

According to McKinsey, the U.S. food delivery market more than doubled during the pandemic, following a healthy historical growth of 8%. As per Statista, the online food delivery industry will be valued at $32 billion by 2024. While this means more deliveries and sales, it also means more challenges.

With an increasing number of delivery options available, companies need to maintain a high level of customer service, and this includes fast and timely delivery. While delivering, companies can face several challenges such as getting stuck in traffic, getting lost or simply staying organized. This is why companies will need the best route planner app for delivery driver to solve these challenges. It is important to find the best app that comes with all the necessary features to make deliveries faster and drivers’ tasks easier.
As the online food delivery industry grows, companies will have more orders, more routes and addresses, and a reputation to reach customers on time. MyRouteOnline is the ideal food delivery driver app because it offers essential features such as:

    Route Optimization as per specific goals
    Planning Unlimited Number of Routes
    Saving and Exporting Multiple Routes
    Saving and Importing Contacts
    Proof of Delivery
    Mobile App Navigation and API Integration
    Supports All Mobile Devices

By using MyRouteOnline, you can ensure that your drivers are productive, your logistics are well-organized and your deliveries are on time. An ideal route planner assists you in prioritizing tasks and offering optimal routing. The MyRouteOnline App offers just that – it helps your drivers reach your customers on time, irrespective of the number of orders and deliveries. You can not only optimize routes to minimize time or distance but also to deliver in a specific order. The app also accounts for time spent at each drop, saves contacts and addresses, tracks deliveries, helps to avoid any potential customer disputes, offers better navigation, and provides you with better control over your delivery operations.

MyRouteOnline is an easy and efficient online program that allows you to plan and optimize the entire route, with up to 1000 addresses, and includes time permitted between stops for supplies. Simply enter all your addresses, with time intervals to ensure excellent customer service and start delivering stress-free as MyRouteOnline maps the best possible route. The app also automatically reroutes to divert you from any traffic on the original route.
MyRouteOnline has many clients in the food delivery industry. Healthy Xpress is a food preparation and delivery service company that prepares fresh meals that are delivered on the same day. Pamela, of Healthy Xpress, explains how her company saves time and energy using MyRouteOnline.

It had all the features we needed to plan the routes, and it was a very affordable solution compared to others in the market. We immediately saved time planning routes as well as driving time with the planned route.” – Pamela

As a long-time customer of, Pamela highly recommends online route planning for other businesses.

Unleash is another company that specializes in raw and whole foods for dogs. Nikki from Unleash found MyRouteOnline to be the most straightforward and user-friendly option to plan delivery routes.

We use the MyRouteOnline app and print the list to reference, as well as check how many items per address need to be delivered. We saved my time in creating the routes. Plus, our delivery drivers’ time and mileage also were reduced.” – Nikki

Organic Angels, which delivers organic food and pledges sustainable practices, found that with MyRouteOnline they not only save time on route planning but also keep their pledge of sustainable living. Shorter routes help the company maintain its pledge to keep the business sustainable by saving fuel, reducing the number of miles driven, and minimizing pollution from vehicles.

Plympton is a volunteering foodbank that relies on MyRouteOnline to serve and support the vulnerable and financially challenged members of the community.

We have found a great online source called MyRouteOnline Route Planner. We input the addresses we need to deliver to, tell the app how many volunteers we have available to deliver, set the parameters so that no journey takes longer than 10 mins (to make sure the meal stays hot), and then press the button. In a few seconds, the planner has sorted the optimum routes for us.” – Plympton Team

So no matter what product you deliver in the online food delivery business, MyRouteOnline is the ideal food delivery driver app that can solve almost all your delivery problems!
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