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MyRouteOnline Route Planning Patent US9631938

October 26, 2017
MyRouteOnline Patent

Route planning is the process of connecting two or more points in the most efficient way

such that it meets an objective (Min.Distance, Min.Time or both).
Planning a route connecting a small number of stops (up to 10 stops) may not be a difficult task. One can review all possible steps ahead, and choose the best one to continue from one stop to the other. However, planning dozens of stops (or even hundreds) is much complicated because of the many alternatives at each stop. Route planning these stops manually, might be practically impossible. The process of calculating all the alternatives, is very time consuming and cannot be done within a few minutes.
MyRouteOnline patent, also known as US20170030724 A1, shows the first step in the process is grouping stops that are close together. This grouping process reduces the number of alternatives since it is calculated for groups and not individual stops, and allows a more efficient calculation. This step saves us time and allows us to optimize the user’s route within seconds or minutes, depending on the total number of stops.
The next step is to calculate an efficient route that meets a predetermined criteria such as minimum distance, minimum time, or both, and any other particular requirements the user may set.
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