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MyRouteOnline Helps Firefighters

November 07, 2023
MyRouteOnline help Firefighters

Fighting fires isn’t easy. Firefighters often go into burning buildings. They must rescue people by carrying them out bodily. They risk life and limb.

Firefighters must also deal with a lesser-known challenge. They must know the streets of their neighborhood inside out. They must be prepared to find emergency areas in cases of power outages when there is no access to GPS systems.

MyRouteOnline is a powerful tool for firefighters who want to get to know their areas better. Read on to find out how it works.

How Firefighters Learn Their Areas

Firefighters must learn their areas as part of their training. Many use a ‘Street Zones Training’ method. This method divides the neighborhood into zones. Firefighters must identify which streets are in these zones using flashcards and quizzes.

MyRouteOnline Route Planner is another effective way for firefighters to learn about their neighborhoods. Here’s how it works:

  1. Import your destinations from Excel- you won’t need to type anything in
  2. Click the Plan My Route button- the system will plan an effective route that helps you get to your destinations sooner
  3. Open your route with the My Route app

Effective for Test Runs

Once the app is downloaded, firefighters can use it for test runs. They can follow their route to eliminate obstacles that may impede their performance during an emergency. They can determine routes that can help them save lives.

Here are some benefits MyRouteOnline offers:

  • Familiarity with Local Areas: Firefighters can use it to scope out local areas. They will learn where the nearest hydrants are located. They will become familiar with obstacles that may get in their way when they provide emergency services.
  • Finding the Best Routes: MyRouteOnline will help firefighters get to emergency destinations quickly. It will help them avoid road closures and construction zones. It will allow them to locate shortcuts that will speed their travels.
  • Timing Their Travels: Firefighters can go on test runs to determine how long it will take them to get to specific destinations. Their training will help them provide ETAs in emergencies.
  • Reduces Stress: Firefighters must stay calm during emergencies. Uncertainty in the route they take can promote stress and anxiety. Firefighters who use MyRouteOnline will be well-prepared. They will keep their cool when an emergency occurs.
  • Increases Safety: Firefighters who navigate in advance will be aware of safety hazards in the area. They can avoid these hazards to ensure safety.
  • Other Ways MyRouteOnline Benefits Firefighters

    A firefighter cannot always use a navigational app due to power outages, etc. However, if they were to use an app, MyRouteOnline is the ideal choice. Here are some other advantages it provides:

  • Routes firefighters away from traffic jams so they don’t get delayed
  • Saves firefighters gas making it a money and energy-saving option
  • Eliminates the process of entering multiple addresses into a GPS so firefighters can get on the road without delay
  • MyRouteOnline is a learning tool that helps firefighters get to their destinations sooner. It also helps them learn about their local areas.

    And the tool is not only beneficial to emergency workers. It is ideal for delivery drivers and anyone else who must make multiple stops in their line of work. How will it help you get around?

  • Local Area Familiarization: For firefighters, becoming familiar with the neighborhoods they serve is crucial for effective emergency response. During test runs, they can explore various parts of the area, including the locations of potential emergencies, nearby hydrants, and any obstacles they may face. This firsthand knowledge is invaluable when they need to navigate through the area quickly during actual emergencies.
  • Route Assessment: Test runs enable firefighters to assess the condition of the roads and streets they’ll be traversing. This includes being aware of any road closures, construction zones, or other obstacles that could affect their routes. It also allows them to identify any shortcuts or alternative routes that might prove useful during emergencies.
  • Preparedness: Test runs help firefighters measure the time it takes to reach each destination along their route. This information can be essential as it aids in estimating how quickly they can respond to emergencies. It also ensures that they are well-prepared and aware of any potential delays.
  • Confidence: Practicing routes through test runs can boost firefighters’ confidence and preparedness. Being thoroughly familiar with the area through practice drives can help reduce stress and anxiety when responding to emergencies.
  • Test drives with MyRouteOnline serve as a practical training tool that aids firefighters and other users in becoming better acquainted with the neighborhoods they need to navigate. This familiarity enhances their ability to respond swiftly and effectively during emergencies, contributes to better outcomes and increases safety for both the responders and the public they serve.

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