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Mother’s Day Deliveries Are Nothing to Get Stressed About

March 15, 2021
Mother's Day 2021

Mother’s Day in the UK is over, now it’s time for the US to celebrate Mother’s Day this May. Whether they are 3 or 33, kids of all ages take the time to send the woman they call “Mom” something to let her know she is loved and appreciated. And so, the second week in May, your phone starts to ring with orders for flowers, balloons, pastry, or gifts.
You not only have to fill all these orders, but deliver them in a timely manner. If Mother’s day deliveries start to stress you out, simply use our web-based route planner to make the day run smoothly.

In the past, have you found yourself constantly trying to figure out the best route for making deliveries, only to find you’re spending more time on a map website than it would actually take to deliver the items? Or do you decide to just wing it, and find yourself zig-zagging all over the region, wasting not only time, but gas money?
An online route planner will solve both of these problems, as it will find the most efficient route without taking a lot of time. All you do is import your delivery addresses from an excel file, and the best route can be sent to your email, GPS, or mobile device.
If that sounds too easy, then we’re doing our job right. Companies with some type of mobile deliveries have saved money because our system finds the fastest and most efficient way to all scheduled stops. It even considers how long you’ll have to be at each stop so you know how long it will take your driver, and whether you should send out another one on busy days.

If you’ve been burned on past holidays, don’t let Mother’s Day scare you. Yes, it will be busy, but that’s good news for your business. All you need to do is take advantage of our online routing service to get everything where it needs to be without breaking a sweat.

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