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Routing medical specimen and supply

April 28, 2011
Medical supply route

Providing routing delivery solutions to medical providers?
Collect test samples from clinics and hospitals to labs.
Deliver medications from pharmacies to patients homes.
Transport blood between blood banks and hospitals.
Plan efficient courier routes to minimize drive time/mileage.

Pickup and delivery needs

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and other medical providers have special pickup and delivery needs. Specimens and blood are kept in special temperature conditions, test results require confidentiality and privacy, medications demand meeting the clients’ needs.

If you have in-house courier services, you probably have coolers and dry ice to protect your supply and make sure they arrive safely. But do you have an efficient routing system?
Planning efficient courier routes is a crucial factor that will influence your transport process of this special medical supply and your customer service.

Easy to use Route Planner

Your couriers themselves or route planning team can handle this routing service very easily. We offer a web-based route planner so with almost zero learning time and implementation, you’ll be able to plan new routes or rearrange old routes and save everyone a lot of time planning these routes and driving them.
Everything becomes known – you as a user can set the courier departure time, the service time that is spent at each stop, and the maximum duration of the route or the maximum number of stops for each route. Then, within seconds you’ll get your optimized courier route along with the arrival time at each location, the driving time and the mileage of the whole route.
Driving itself becomes simpler, by getting your route’s driving directions and even uploading your route plan to your GPS device or sending it to your mobile phone.

Benefits from online route planning

Bottom line, you’re making sure your medical supply is picked-up and delivered in the shortest and/or quickest way, your customers are satisfied and your couriers manage their time efficiently. Plus you’re keeping the environment green by cutting your mileage and carbon footprint.