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Maximizing Your Day: Tips for Outside Sales Force

February 11, 2016
Sales rep

Challenges facing outside sales teams must be overcome to achieve success. Nothing is more important than being able to gain opportunities to be face to face with a potential customer. Face time, not the iPhone capability, but real interpersonal interaction is the true key to building sales. Success for an outside sales team largely depends on how well they connect with the customer, deliver their pitch, and close the deal. These things cannot be effectively accomplished without maximizing your workday. What are the best ways for sales teams to achieve this?

Getting the Most Out of Your Day

  1. At the end of each workday, it is important to take 15 to 20 minutes to prioritize the following day. Choose 5 or 6 items to accomplish in the following day, assessing each one and write down the desired results for each goal. Doing this simple exercise each day helps you stay focused, be productive and increase efficiency.
  2. Take the focus off your sales goal. Don’t worry if you need to hit $3,000 in one day. Shift your focus onto the number of prospects you want to reach each day. If you aim for 15 prospects, and you haven’t sold anything by the time you reach 12 prospects, your attitude is more apt to be frustrated and down, whereas if you are focused on prospects, you have only 3 more to reach out to that day, a much more positive attitude. This can create a big shift in sales growth by simply changing your mental state.
  3. Lastly, when working on your plan for the next day, choosing your prospects and goals to maintain efficiency, it may be helpful to utilize a route planner like MyRouteOnline. The program allows as many as 350 addresses at once and has many valuable features. Part of maximizing your day to gain as many new clients or close deals is to quickly reach the businesses you need to achieve this. You can access MyRouteOnline on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. It’s easy to use and takes the guesswork out of saving time on the road.

When working in an outside sales team, do not make building sales more difficult than it has to be. Take the time to prioritize your days, achieving small goals each day, and save time when you are on the road with MyRouteOnline. Maximize your day and let success be yours.

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