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Mapping Delivery Routes

January 25, 2023
Mapping Delivery Routes

How to Plan the Most Efficient Map Route?

Being a delivery driver is no easy feat. And straight off the bat, we want to say “good on you” for doing what you do! Everyday delivery drivers have to deal with excessive traffic, countless stops, demanding customers, back-tracking, and driving the same roads again and again. If you were to leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you, you’d probably find that you end up driving over them numerous times throughout the day due to all the back and forth you drive, trying to map delivery routes on the reg’. Lucky for you, we finally have something to lift some of the burden off your shoulders and help you plan a delivery route like the best of them!

What is MyRouteOnline?

MyRouteOnline is a revolutionary routing app that can be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet, or device. Its primary function is map routes in an optimized way and then operate as a GPS-based application to help individuals and business owners complete their driving-related tasks as efficiently as possible. But there’s so much more to it than that that goes far beyond the standard GPS apps that typically come pre-installed on your device.
Who is it for?
MyRouteOnline is beneficial for individuals and business owners across several industries. However, its largest served client is delivery companies and delivery drivers. Delivery drivers take on an enormous amount of responsibility when they step into their vehicles each morning. They become responsible for getting packages to their destination in the promised amount of time, ensuring the packages and vehicles are kept in pristine quality, and navigating the roads, traffic, construction, closures, and more. That being said, the app isn’t exclusive to delivery drivers and companies. It also helps service and maintenance companies, parents, team/group coordinators, and even realtors navigate the road and plan a delivery route to increase efficiency. Essentially, anyone who visit multiple locations would benefit from using our Route Planner.
What makes it special?
We know what you’re thinking, “my device already has a GPS, so I don’t need this.” Think again because this app has been designed specifically to optimize your journey and stops. For someone handling a significant amount of data, such as a list of customer addresses and details, MyRouteOnline takes mapping delivery routes to the next level!
Beyond directing you from point A to point B, MyRouteOnline can:

  • Import your database of contacts from all major tracking systems like Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, Text, and CSV.
  • Store all entered routes with no maximum for users to return to easily.
  • Update saved routes to incorporate things such as road changes or closures.
  • Help business owners track successful delivery drops throughout the day.
  • Plan a route with as many as 1000 delivery stops.
  • Plan several routes at a time for each team member.
  • Allow drivers to target individual optimization goals, such as minimizing time versus distance.
  • Easily integrate with other standard software such as Zapier.
  • And much more!

    The real reason why delivery drivers are switching to MyRouteOnline

    Planning an efficient delivery route is an absolute must to ensure a smooth and effective day of deliveries. Having to sit down and map route for hundreds of packages and destinations is a time-consuming and tremendous undertaking. All the features are designed so that delivery companies will save time. As they say, “time is money,” and they’re not wrong.
    MyRouteOnline enables delivery drivers to:

  • Simplify mapping delivery routes by simply importing customer details and clicking “go,” letting the app do the heavy lifting and organizing the finer details for them. This significantly cuts down on planning time.
  • Reduce their gas usage and time spent on the road making deliveries. With the app providing the most efficient route, drivers aren’t zipping back and forth over the same roads and can instead follow a strategically designed set of instructions.
  • Save and store regular drop points to do their planning and driving more efficiently in the future.
  • We can see that timesaving is a major win here, but it also lightens the load of stress on individual workers, knowing that they are utilizing their time and skills to their best ability. And what employer wouldn’t want that!?
  • Mapping a delivery route was once a time-consuming and stressful process that heavily impacted delivery drivers and companies. But the fact is, if you’re wondering how to plan the most efficient delivery route, the answer is clear… Don’t. Instead, download the MyRoute app and switch to working smart, not hard.
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    How Can I Map a Route?