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Making the Most of Your Christmas Deliveries

November 27, 2013

Amazon and the United States Postal Service recently announced a plan to deliver on Sundays — in New York City and Los Angeles already, and in cities around the United States beginning next year.

Deliveries during the holidays season

During the holidays season, the USPS expects to make more than 420 million deliveries, and that high volume often leads to back-ups when packages are not delivered on Sunday. Also this holiday season, UPS estimates another 520 million packages delivered, and FedEx another 260 million; all combined, those three carriers will deliver more than 1.2 billion packages this Christmas season!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, many people are looking to send a gift to loved ones around the country. Many local stores also see an increase in orders and deliveries during the month of December, and it can be difficult to cope with the increased demand. That is where MyRouteOnline software can help! Planning out your deliveries saves time and money and takes some of the stress out of the holiday season.

MyRouteOnline quick 3-step process goes like this:

1. Import addresses from Excel or text file
2. Plan the best route for up to 350 stops
3. Export the route to your GPS or mobile device

It is quick and easy to plan your route around town, making efficient stops and saving money by minimizing your mileage. Gas prices may be dropping right now, but it is always good to save the wear and tear on your vehicle and emit less carbon monoxide into the environment.
To get our software before the holidays are upon you, contact us today!

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