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Make Planning Deliveries Easier

March 24, 2014

So you have a business where you provide a delivery service. Maybe you are a restaurant or a florist. To make your deliveries in the beginning, you relied on your knowledge of the terrain, verbal directions and paper street maps. Things got easier with the invention of GPS, but you still spend a lot of time entering addresses and trying to get them in the order that makes the most sense.

Make the Most of Your Time
Planning deliveries still takes up a lot of time — time you could be using to make your business better in other ways. If only the interface were simpler, you could focus on providing better customer service, you could get your deliveries to their destinations quicker, and you could have five seconds in between it all to breathe.

MyRouteOnline is a web-based route planner that can help you make the next step to improving your delivery service. With our easy user interface, you can upload addresses from a text or Excel file. This cuts down on all the time you spend re-typing on that awkward screen. As a matter of fact, you can upload as many as 350 addresses all at once and create a customized route that will maximize efficiency and save on delivery time.

Benefits of Route Planning
Not only will your deliveries arrive in a timelier manner, but your fuel costs will be reduced. Ultimately, your business will be more efficient and cost effective. However, possibly the greatest benefit is the reduction in stress when our route planner takes over one of the more tedious aspects of your job.

Our service is very simple to get started with, so try it for free today with up to six destinations. We’re convinced you will absolutely love it!

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