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Keep Your Business on Track for Valentine’s Day Deliveries

February 05, 2015     ShareThis

If your business plays cupid for Valentine’s Day customers, you are likely gearing up for a hectic time in the next week. That’s because even though it always falls on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is often a last-minute shopping event for most U.S. consumers.
MyRouteOnline team is familiar with your challenge and therefore offers a coupon, to make your route planning easier this year.

Busy week for popular Valentine’s deliveries

Valentine’s Day spending typically increases in the week before Valentine’s Day, but it really takes off during the days leading up to the holiday, according to analytics from Adobe. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, some retailers are likely to experience this increased demand right up until closing time on February 14th.
That means if your business delivers popular Valentine’s products like flowers and candy or if you offer services like singing telegrams, you will have extra logistical problems around this particular holiday. Often same-day delivery services can be a big draw for procrastinating shoppers, but it’s important for retailers to be prepared for the last-minute crunch.

Valentine’s Day as a retail holiday

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important retail holidays, particularly for florists, candy makers, bakers, stationary stores and related businesses. The average person will spend about $142 celebrating Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Spending Survey. That’s an increase of about eight dollars more than last year’s $134.

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally meant for lovers, other family members, friends, coworkers, teachers and pets also may be on some people’s gift lists. The National Retail Federation estimates the total spending on Valentine’s Day is expected to reach a survey high of $18.9 billion in the United States.
The classic Valentine’s Day gifts are candy, greeting cards, flowers and jewelry—all items that lend themselves easily to delivery. Most Valentine’s Day deliveries also need to happen on the actual day, so it’s likely you are going to have a long list of deliveries that will change right up to the last minute. Nothing is more depressing—or less likely to result in a happy customer—than a Valentine’s Day gift delivered on February 15th.

Planning routes to keep up with demand

How do you keep up with demand? You can start planning now. Coordinate with your delivery partners to make sure you can meet the demand and avoid delays, particularly if you are located in an area where the weather can influence delivery times.
Use our online route planning software to simplify your delivery services. It’s the perfect solution for making last-minute adjustments to delivery routes. Plus a web-based route planner helps your delivery drivers manage their schedules by arranging their stops geographically, so they are using their time—and yours—efficiently.
MyRouteOnline Route Planner also makes it easy to make quick changes to delivery routes, which is very common on Valentine’s Day. Routes can be updated as new deliveries are added, and drivers are redirected to keep everything on track.
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