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Keep Mom Happy with On-Time Mother’s Day Deliveries

May 03, 2021
Mother's Day 2021

Mother’s Day 2021 will be the third busiest retail holiday of the year, and it’s a prime time for many retail stores. From flowers to jewelry to home décor to gourmet food to stationary, retailers are stocking shelves and prepping their sales staff for the influx of Mother’s Day shoppers.

Keep up with Demand

But stock is just part of the problem. Because Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year, it’s important for businesses to schedule extra help to make sure the service side of their business can keep up with demand. Often Mother’s Day shopping happens very close to the actual day, so being prepared for the last-minute rush should be an important part of a company’s Mother’s Day marketing strategy.

Shopping Online

According to, this Mother’s Day, U.S. consumers are planned to spend a total of 2.66 billion U.S. dollars on flowers. Sales on this day are set to increase for the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, which include jewelry sales, personalized products, gift cards, electronics and more.

Deliveries and Customer Service

But oftentimes a company’s customer service doesn’t end after the sales receipt is printed. Getting these gifts to Mom is part of the package for many retailers, whether it’s delivering flowers or getting packages to the post office on time.
Companies who offer delivery services often must hire extra help during this critical week to make sure every Mom gets her due on this holiday. If you do hire temporary help for delivery, make sure they have the attitude you want to represent your business as well as the basics like a clean driving record and insurance.

Saving Time by Route Planning Online

Even if you don’t need to hire extra employees, it’s likely your current staff members will be logging extra hours on the road. Make sure they are using their time wisely by planning out smart and efficient routes with our online Route Planner, which is flexible enough to fit any schedule and location. Best of all, when routes change at the last minute, as often happens during these busy times, routes are easy to update.
Even if your business is small, you can follow the best practices of the big delivery service companies like FedEx or UPS with online route planning. Those companies certainly aren’t planning out routes with pen and paper, and you shouldn’t either. Save yourself some time and money, and make sure you have happy customers on Mother’s Day. Mom deserves it.