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Improving your environmental impact with route mapping software

January 06, 2022
Improving your environmental impact

As time has progressed and online shopping habits have increased exponentially, we order more than ever; making us all more conscious of our impact on the environment as a consequence. As a business, you can expect to be challenged on the part you play in negatively impacting the environment. Customers of all manufacturers and suppliers want to hold the companies they purchase from accountable on their environmental impact. This can influence their decision to buy significantly, and determine whether or not they purchase from a different business – that is more responsible.

Making environmentally conscious operative decisions can further encourage businesses, happy customers and advocates for your brand. MyRouteOnline is on hand to detail the ways our best route planner app for delivery drivers can reduce your environmental impact and ultimately promote business, through being environmentally responsible.

Efficient Use of Fossil Fuel

The use of a route planning optimization program will contribute significantly to an efficient use of petrol/diesel – saving the cost of operations and the environmental impact of a business. Leaving couriers to charter their own delivery journeys can result in both wasted time and fuel through them driving around aimlessly, having to go back on themselves and stop-start their vehicle. Not only can a route planning software improve the environmental footprint and impact of a business, it also enables operation managers to get more from their drivers through being energy efficient. If left to plan their own journey, drivers may only be able to deliver 50 items in their shift. A planner issuing an optimized route enables them to deliver more in the same allocated shift time.

Prevention of Wasted Resources

Driving using an optimized courier route ensures that drivers and their load of goods arrive at their destination on time. This is something of significant importance to both the customer and the retailer. For example, if a customer has purchased a clothing item they intend to wear the next day, they will choose a website using a ‘next day delivery courier service’. If the item does not arrive on time they will send it back. Not only will this diminish a customer’s opinion on the clothing site’s reputation and reliability, it will also cost the environment. Such poor service will result in an increased environmental impact, through wasted plastic packaging and emissions from the vehicle; and potential of the item going straight to landfill.

Businesses being accountable for their environmental impact is more importance than ever before. From preventing wasted product and its packaging from entering landfill, to reducing a driver’s need to refuel their vehicle – ultimately enabling them to deliver more items in the same amount of petrol – a route planner should be a pivotal accessory to your delivery operation.

MyRouteOnline is proud to deliver the best route planner app for delivery drivers. Rich in an array of time-saving settings and exclusive features, the optimum route planner software available is proven invaluable to businesses across a diverse range of industries.
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