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How You Can Utilize a Route Planning App on Your Smartphone

July 12, 2018

It’s hard to find someone these days who is not using a smartphone. Most people have one, whether it be an iPhone, Android, or any of the numerous others. With that being said, route planning apps have become crucial.

At MyRouteOnline, we’ve created an app that allows route planning not just on the computer, but on smartphones as well.

How can you utilize a route planning app on your smartphone?

Easy Use

The most common use of the route planning app is directly within the application. The easy interface makes it simple and straightforward for any person to use. Users can import their routes created with MyRouteOnline directly into the planning app. From there, it works in conjunction with your favorite familiar mapping apps. It provides step-by-step information on how to get from each place to the next.

By working with mapping apps, such as Google maps, the process feels much more simple and familiar. The app takes the pre-planned route that was already created and incorporates it into the apps that most users are already comfortable operating.

Alternative Uses

The MyRouteOnline planning app has multiple different uses to satisfy the needs of different types of users. For the users that are already familiar with importing map routes from a Garmin or Tomtom type navigation device, the planner can work in a similar fashion. It saves routes as a .gpx file that can be imported to any compatible application.

Another option is email. All smartphones have email capabilities, which makes this another easy option. Users can save the routes created online and email them to the email address on their smartphone. Once opened, the routes can be used within other mapping apps. Although this option requires more steps for entering in destinations, it still is a great option for anyone who prefers to use it.

Benefits of Using an App

There are many benefits to using your smartphone for route planning apps rather than a separate device. The biggest benefit, of course, is the price. As mentioned above, most people are already using smartphones and have one of their own, so no extra cost is added. Also, new GPS systems can be expensive and add additional costs. For companies that have multiple trucks out for deliveries every day, these costs would add up very quickly.

Another important benefit is convenience. Separate GPS systems all have their own unique interface and instructions for use. Users must learn how to use that type of programming and adjust to how it’s used. When using your own smartphone, however, it is already familiar. There is no adjustment necessary or unfamiliarity, which is much more convenient for drivers.

How it’s done

1) In MyRouteOnline – send your route-plan by Email (no need to attach a GPS file)
2) Open the email in your Smartphone email reader
3) Click on the first address (hyperlink) – to show it up in your Smartphone’s GPS navigation
Now select ‘Navigate to this address’
If you’re using Google Maps, you should see a blue circle in the lower right corner of the screen.
Press and hold the blue circle and navigation should start.
4) Once you’ve reached that address (and are ready to move to the next one) – repeat step 2-3 for the next address.

If you wish to use your navigation app with your planned route, download MyRoute app, that will do the job.

Drive safely.