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How to map the best route when travelling

October 26, 2021
Your next travel destination

We all have different travelling needs, yet we’re all in the same boat when using our time efficiently. The problem is, if we have multiple stops throughout our road trip, we don’t have a good picture of how we could effectively use our time and resources. If you are a delivery driver, you may have to make several trips in one day. On the other hand, you may be a traveller. You would like to travel the optimal route to see multiple destinations and as many attractions as possible before moving on to your following various locations. Here is how you can use our subscription premium route finder service for the best route.

For the traveller

So you just rolled into the city, and it’s early morning. You wonder where you can get breakfast, then move onto your attractions and sites before going to an affordable place to have dinner and then onto the next transport spot such as a ferry, train station or airport. You don’t have time to waste, so you want to calculate the best route by time or distance. Our mapping software will show you which places will take longer to get to, how much time you might spend in traffic and the distance between each spot. There may be one outlier that is far away while the other places are closed. You can plan to visit your destinations in the order of distance or how much time it would take to get there, saving you time and money on your multi-stop travels.

For the job interviewee

You’re heading into a job interview, arriving by plane, train or car, not knowing where to go when that’s finished. You can insert a good location that you’ve heard of, for breakfast, then all the other errands you need to do. With our program, all the stops you’re going to make will be in the best sequence, and not just the order you’ve inserted them. That’s a big difference from any other GPS or Google Maps. You’ll be able to navigate with your GPS or Google Maps app if you need, because our Navigation assistant app is designed to integrate between the multiple routes you’ve planned, and the navigation app you choose to use.

For the business

Our software will save you time, money, rerouting issues, and fuel costs if you run a delivery business. You can import as many as 350 addresses from an Excel sheet into our software, and it will calculate the most efficient route regarding time, distance and urgency of delivery. You can change routes and addresses on the fly, and a new calculation will be done in real-time. You can also save your courses, so if you have a standard route, such as for a postal service, you can load it up and get going without having to optimize it from scratch.

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