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How to Find the Shortest Travel Route Possible

March 02, 2023
Find the Shortest Travel Route

You know that old saying, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”? Well… we don’t know how many people would agree with that when it comes to simply wanting to get from Point A to Point B. We all love a little motivational jolt now and then, but the reality is when we jump in our vehicles, it’s because we have somewhere to be. And usually, it’s a “the sooner, the better” kind of situation. Whether your job requires a lot of driving or you simply often find yourself behind the wheel, usually with a mountainous to-do list, you’re not alone in your desire for a trustworthy shortest travel route. In a lot of cases, it is all about the destination… That being said, an informed and efficient journey can help you get there a lot darn sooner.
If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re in a pinch and want to find the shortest travel route to your destination. So, if you’re looking for a direct answer, here it is:
Download the MyRouteOnline app.
But stick around if you’re here doing your due diligence and general research to look for a long-term solution to save you a lot of time on all of your future journeys. We’re more than happy to share the ins and outs of what makes MyRouteOnline one of the top travel routing apps today.

First, let’s consider…

What does “the shortest travel route” really mean?

Right now, you may be thinking, well, duh, that’s an obvious and meaningless question. When in fact, it’s not. The shortest travel route is really determined by your individual goals, stop points and personal preferences. So, let’s take a look at the varied meanings of the shortest travel route.

  1. The shortest distance from point A to point B as the crow flies.
  2. The shortest road distance between point A and point B.
  3. The fastest driving route between point A and point B.
  4. The fastest driving route between point A and point B that doesn’t include any highways.
  5. The fastest driving route between point A and point B, including stopping at A1, and A2 before arriving at point B.
  6. The shortest travel route from point A and point B that avoids heavy traffic and construction points.

As we can see from above, there are lots of factor to consider when trying to find the shortest route map. Some prefer to prioritize a shorter distance over a shorter time or vice versa. Some people aren’t comfortable driving on highways or in thick traffic and always opt to avoid it. Some drivers have multiple stops on the way to their final destination, and they aren’t sure which is the most efficient way to get there. All of these scenarios present an opportunity for growth and improvement, and that’s exactly what MyRouteOnline was created to cater to.

Why drivers of all types are making the switch to MyRouteOnline?

  • It allows users to select their goals and enable the app to create the shortest travel route with those goals in mind.
  • It allows users to track and receive real-time updates of active travel routes- perfect for teams.
  • It can import your database of client details from all major tracking systems, like Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • It is user-friendly and helps make all driving-related tasks clear and stress-free.
  • It can save previous route information, making reloading and starting regular journeys easy.
  • Drivers are sick of spending ludicrous amounts of time on the road, needlessly wasting time in thick traffic, and stressing over creating the shortest route map to increase efficiency. They want an intuitive and intelligent tool that can do things like remember “pick up” and “drop off” locations, plan a route accordingly, and reverse engineer it when they are ready to return to the initial start point. It’s not just about creating the shortest travel route anymore. MyRouteOnline has elevated GPS to act as a comprehensive organizational system that not only delivers your shortest travel route but plans, stores, and records your driving journeys.

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