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How to Create a Walking Route Online

July 26, 2023
Create a walking route online

If you’re on the land of the world wide web today in search of a trustworthy route planner walking app, you’re in the right place. Because in this article, we’re going to introduce you to one of the best walk route planner apps out there, as well as give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the app to create a walking route to get you exactly where you need to go!

MyRouteOnline is the app that you’ll want to download to help you successfully plan your walking route. And here’s why…

Why you should choose MyRouteOnline as your route planner walking app

So, you’re probably thinking something like, “I already have an app for this; it’s called Google,” right? And while you can use Google Maps, and it may be perfectly helpful in your unique situation, it also may not. Plus, MyRouteOnline has many additional features and capabilities that Google Maps has not mastered yet or simply doesn’t offer.

MyRouteOnline is one of the leading apps for drivers today who need to plan complex journeys with multiple stops. But, little known to many, it can help to create a walking route and a bicycle route. After all, it is a navigational and organizational app that allows its users to complete comprehensive journeys with ease without having to spend time and energy meticulously mapping out the most efficient route. It truly is a gem of route optimization for all types of travelers, drivers, walkers, and cyclists.

Reasons to use MyRouteOnline to create a walking route

  • If you want to get your steps in but don’t want to spend an entire day walking around the city.
  • You need walking directions from, to, and between several points on a map and aren’t interested in or able to drive a car or catch public transit.
  • You’re new to the area and want to walk to your destinations to soak up more of your surroundings.
  • You need to make a series of stops, and you want to get them all done in one outing.
  • You don’t want to consume your precious time by having to organize an efficient walking route; let the app do it for you.
  • How to create a walking route using MyRouteOnline

    1. Here, click the big green button that says Plan My Route.
    2. You will be taken to a page that says Addresses near the top.
    3. This is where you are presented with the 5 different ways in which you can get your required destinations into the system. You can import them from an outside file, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can also paste them in or manually type in the addresses.
    4. If manually typing, ensure you enter your start address at the top and enter your additional locations one at a time in the field presented below.
    5. Before progressing, make sure each address is complete and verified. The address field will appear red if it is unverified and green for verified addresses.
    6. Once you have entered and verified all of your desired addresses, click Set Goals.
    7. Choose your goals and preferences for your journey. At the very bottom of this section, select your mode of transport; car, bike, or walking.
    8. Click Plan My Route.

    You’re all set to head out on your journey!

    Key takeaways and answered questions

  • Is MyRouteOnline exclusive for those wanting to create walking routes?
    No. MyRouteOnline is widely used by drivers and cyclists in addition to walkers. You can select your chosen mode of transport at the start of each journey.
  • Should I delete Google Maps?
    MyRouteOnline and Google Maps actually work like a dream team when combined. MyRouteOnline is the master at creating a multi-stop walking route and then sharing it to Google Maps to navigate your route step by step—no need to delete either of them. MyRouteOnline also works with many other major navigation apps.
  • Can MyRouteOnline map out a multi-stop walking route?
    Yes! You can import a list of as many as 1000 destinations at once. However, that is a lot of walking…
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