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How Route Planning Keep Food Deliveries Fresh in Transit

December 27, 2018
Vegetables Deliveries

It’s no secret that people like to eat, and the expansion in technology has only further accommodated this trend. The food delivery industry is undergoing rapid changes as an array of online options capture customer attention. With apps such as Uber Eats, Doordash, and more, customers have endless options of getting food at their doorstep with just the click of a button.

However, this change has also meant that delivery companies and restaurants must adapt to accommodate the influx of deliveries they must accomplish daily. Not only do these companies have to be flexible in order to handle different traffic situations, but also they have to plan down to the minute – to ensure food doesn’t arrive cold.

Route planning software, like MyRouteOnline, helps simplify these daily operations by planning an efficient route in mere minutes, that will get you to all your locations at the right time. We help to reduce your overall expenses, increase profit margin, and satisfy customers.

So, here’s how a route planner can benefit you and avoid your food going bad in transit.

Deliver on Time

When it comes to food deliveries, arriving late is out of the question. Late deliveries increase the chances of food becoming soggy – if not packaged well – food arriving cold, and customer complaints.

If you want to work on keeping your customers happy and well-fed, you need to focus on finding ways to grow the business – and that can be accomplished by keeping the deliveries flowing.

Route planning software does this and more by ensuring that all your deliveries are achieved when scheduled, and you can even squeeze in more deliveries in your day. Therefore, increasing the number of customers you can feed, while keeping them happy and satisfied.

At MyRouteOnline, we aim to please by letting you input as many as 350 addresses into our route mapper. You will receive an optimized route by time and location, thereby ensuring you can manage all your deliveries and estimate delivery times.

Shorten Driving Distance

Trying to get that freshly-cooked meal to your customer before it gets cold can be a seriously harrowing task even in the best of conditions. Which is why it’s vital you cut unnecessary time on the road and deliver the food to your customers in the shortest amount of time possible.

Manually planning routes, or giving your drivers control over the driving directions will do nothing but waste fuel, damage the environment, and lose you customers. As these types of routes lead to a lot of backtracking and time wasting, thereby making them extremely inefficient.

So, instead of wasting unnecessary time on the road, improve your operations by investing in route planning software. At MyRouteOnline, we provide you with an optimized route based on time and location to get you where you need to be with time to spare. We understand the difficulties in delivering perishable food, which is why our planner works to create the shortest route for you to reach all your destinations in the shortest time.

Clear Navigational Instructions

When all operations in your business depend on time, having drivers determine the route to take, or get lost on the road, can lead to a longer time on the road, and unsatisfied customers. So, ensuring your drivers are prepared for their upcoming route is a key step in guaranteeing food retains its quality and arrives on time.

Our MyRoute app is an easy to use navigation assistant which allows you to manage the route you planned with MyRouteOnline and navigate swiftly to all destinations planned. The app sends your drivers navigational instructions to keep them on track at all time, and help reduce backtracking and wasted time, thereby, keeping your delivery fresh and delicious for your customer.

Final Note

Delivering late and stale food won’t endear you to your customers, and most certainly will have a negative impact on repeat orders. The more inefficient you are, the higher the likelihood of this occurring. Which is why efficient route mapping is an important part of your business.

There’s much consideration that goes into route planning, such as traffic conditions, road conditions, weather, driver working hours, and more. Our route planning system takes all these into account to provide you with fast and accurate routes, that will decrease your mileage, and increase customer satisfaction.

So guarantee the food reaches your customers piping hot and fresh with the help of our route planning software. We’ll optimize your multi-stop routes to ensure you achieve all your deliveries in our three easy steps.