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How Route Planning Can Improve Fleet Safety

April 08, 2019
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Did you know, that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2,000 fatalities a year are as a result of occupational motor vehicle incidents? This number doesn’t even touch upon nonfatal injuries that occur in a year.

Fleet safety cannot be ignored, every single time one of your drivers climbs behind the wheel, they put themselves at risk of serious harm – should an accident occur. And, in cases such as these, the responsibility lies on your shoulders to ensure that the driver, as well as any others involved, are okay, and deal with the impact this accident may have on your business.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to guarantee the safety of your fleet. After all, it is one of your business’s most important assets. So, it only makes sense to take the steps needed to improve safety – and, with a route planner, you can do just that!
Check out the following ways in which a route planner can improve your fleet safety.
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Constant Monitoring

It’s no secret that route planning is complicated. With conditions such as traffic, construction, weather, and then some to consider, figuring out the most efficient and safest path is easier said than done. But, with route planning software you can take a step back and let the planner account for all the varying factors to provide you with the perfect route.

However, even with the most efficient route, accidents can take place. Naturally, you’re sitting in your office while your drivers are on the road, making it difficult for you to know exactly what they are doing, right? They may be making unplanned stops, or driving recklessly, or even not following the planned route, thereby, putting themselves – and other drivers – in risky situations.

Luckily, route planning software comes with integrated GPS tracking to let you see the real-time location of all your fleet drivers. With this, you will always be informed on where your drivers are at all times, and as a bonus, you can generate ETA’s for your customers – to keep them satisfied and informed too.

Improve Your Reputation

When it comes down to it, your reputation mainly depends on your ability to meet customer demands – and that means, meeting all ETA’s. Of course, if one of your drivers gets into an accident on route to a customer, then it will cause a domino effect of delays as not only will they miss their first appointment but also, all others thereafter.

Educating your drivers on safe driving practices is key to keeping your reputation game strong, as it will not only mean that your drivers are projecting a good name for your business but also, they are getting into fewer accidents.

Ultimately, you wish to guarantee your drivers safety and productivity. If they aren’t making those deliveries on time, then it spells bad news for your business. But, even worse, if they are getting into accidents due to reckless driving then it not only ups your liability expenses but also, can harm your business reputation.

Instilling safer driving habits into your drivers produces less vehicle wear and tear – due to less harsh driving. Therefore, saving you vehicle maintenance expenses, and reassuring you that your drivers are safe at all times.

Safer Navigation

Let’s be honest, if your drivers are on busy town roads, they have to keep track of all the potential hazards around them, while focusing on where they are going. This is nearly impossible without making a few mistakes.

Now, for a regular everyday driver one wrong turn here and there won’t make a huge difference, but for your drivers and their tight schedule, it can cause serious damage.

Even more, lost or confused drivers can be a danger to themselves, let alone other road users and pedestrians. Providing your drivers with step by step navigational instructions ensures your drivers are free of distractions, confusion, and any delays. Therefore, they will reach all their intended destinations at the expected time, and in the safest manner.


We aim to focus on the quality of your journey, and all that goes with it while maximizing the number of destinations you’re able to reach. With the ability to add up to 350 addresses, optimize it according to time and distance, you’ll be able to reach all planned destinations on time. And, even provide your drivers with step by step navigational instructions that they can follow on their smartphones to ensure their attention is on the road at all times, thereby keeping them safe.

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