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Route Mapping Leads to Happier Drivers

August 23, 2018
Truck Parking

Whether we’re talking about the Amazon Effect, impatient millennials who demand shorter delivery windows, or driver shortage, one thing is clear; these days drivers are being stretched to their limits.

The transportation industry is in the midst of a driver shortage, and to make matters worse driver retention and satisfaction are low. Meaning, business owners are facing a huge problem of attempting to meet customer demand while keeping drivers happy.

However, with a route planner, small businesses can overcome this hurdle and retain more drivers by keeping them happy. Here are 4 reasons how.

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Reduces On-The-Road Stress

Any fleet manager can tell you how difficult it is to manually map out routes for their drivers. Not only does it occupy too much time, but in most cases, the end result can be filled with mistakes.

All too often, these mistake-filled and inefficient routes don’t factor in traffic conditions, delivery windows, closed roads and so on. Therefore, most manually planned routes end up being unsuitable, making drivers have to take matters into their own hands.

But, being on the road is stressful enough, drivers shouldn’t have to complete this complex task, especially as there are tools available to help with planning and routing.

For example, with MyRouteOnline’s route planning software, fleet managers (and drivers) can forget about spending time and energy planning and let the tool easily create time and cost-efficient routes.

These planned routes make the best use of the drivers time, so they are free to focus on the road, without worrying about if they’ll make their delivery windows and reach all planned deliveries.

Drivers Are Respected

With the long hours and multitudes of deliveries, more often than not, drivers end up weeks away from home and their families. Investing in a route optimization tool is the perfect way to guarantee shorter routes for your drivers, that will have them punching out earlier.

Your drivers will be thrilled at the prospect of having more time to invest in their personal lives, and you’ll be taking a step in the right direction by retaining all current drivers.

Here at MyRouteOnline, we help small businesses respect their drivers with our delivery software. Our tool provides your business with an optimized route by time or distance so your drivers can get the shortest route. With our navigation instructions, drivers can easily get to all their destinations without worrying about traffic conditions, backtracking, the journey taking too long, and so on.

Combating Driver Shortage

When it comes to combating the driver shortage problem, recruiting is only the beginning. But, rather than only focusing on hiring new drivers, small business owners should look to satisfying the drivers they already have – so they won’t turn around and walk out the door. And, a route mapping solution is a perfect way to accomplish this.

Regularly, drivers can end up driving across town multiple times due to the person who manual planning errors – leading to frustrated and even more stressed drivers. To adapt to the errors, drivers have to deal with backtracking and traffic conditions making for longer journeys.

However, when routes are planned electronically, drivers receive an efficiently planned route that factors in locations, arrival time and more, making drivers working lives easier, and drivers more eager to show up to work.


With the driver shortage problem looming over every delivery business, finding a way to retain your existing drivers is key. Optimal routing not only, improves every aspect of your delivery business but most importantly increases driver satisfaction.

Therefore, investing in route mapping software is the perfect way to keeping your existing drivers happy, and even attracting newer ones. With an efficient delivery software in place, small businesses ensure their drivers are free to stay focused on the road and their deliveries and reach their destinations faster – which is vital to the success of your business.

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