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How can I use this program on my iPad?

June 25, 2013

This question was posted on our facebook page today and since it’s relevant to different kinds of users, we decided to share it here as well.
We have good news – Our new route planner can be used on iPads and Androids and we welcome anyone who wishes to try it out.

Simply login to our Route Planner and reload your saved routes.

If you don’t have any saved routes, you have one step to follow:

In case you have a small list of addresses, you can just type them in but if the address list you wish to plan is big, you can save it online, using Google Drive or DropBox.
Another way would be to copy this list to your email and paste it to Bulk Edit (the blue link beneath the addresses).
When you have your addresses under ADDRESSES Tab, you’re ready to plan your route.

Good Luck and drive safe!