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How Can a Route Optimization App Help Increase My Sales?

June 14, 2022
Increase your sales

Planning and Monitoring Sales Reps.’ Routes Using an App

The industry of logistics has already made the move from old-fashioned bookkeeping and mathematical planning towards computers and software models more than two decades ago. However, over the last years, a new technological trend has emerged and started taking over this industry and many others; the move to mobile. Mobile phones are so powerful nowadays that they hold a computing power similar to that of traditional desktops, with the advantage that they can be moved and monitored at all times.

A Route Optimization Software with a useful app

When using a route optimization software for your business, the first step is to input all of the addresses into the software and create planned routes connecting of them. However, without making use of mobile phones and apps, you would then have to print out the routes and areas on paper and have a dispatcher always working to coordinate sales reps and address changes in routes or any other unforeseen circumstances.
This is where a mobile app comes into play. A mobile app allows you to send the optimized route to the mobile phone of each driver and make sure that the process is straightforward, from the warehouse to the door of the customer. An app can also allow communication between the headquarters and the fleet, ensuring that the drivers and routes are tracked and have estimated arrival times. Using this functionality, managing staff will always be kept updated with the progress of the orders and will be able to ensure that workload is distributed evenly and that drivers are helped efficiently when needed. With even further implementation, such an app can then even be used to communicate estimated times to expecting customers.

The Driver/Sales Representative Experience

Sales reps operate primarily by areas. The zones in a certain city must be delimited and assigned to different representatives, so they don’t waste precious time driving between different zones. A route optimization app does not only benefit the headquarters team; it makes work much easier for the reps. as well. Firstly, the app is capable of centralizing all of the territories, as well as the order their addresses must be reached, so that the driver never has to waste time with checking addresses and manually inputting them into a separate GPS system. The app eliminates driver error and automatically inputs the destination for drivers, making sure they can focus on the important things: driving and road safety.
Since the app synchronizes with several GPS apps, the driver can also choose displaying the route in a different, preferred app, which the driver may be more familiar with, or which may have more accurate information for the area that they work in. Real-time implementation from the routing app ensures that the driver gets the most up-to-date information on road conditions and traffic, as opposed to a predetermined, non-dynamic route.
Finally, since the app can also include live tracking and arrival times, the sales reps can always be kept in contact with the headquarters. This ensures the driver that, in the case of an incident or encountering any type of difficulty that would delay their schedule, the managing team will always be aware of their progress and can arrange for help by other drivers, or by a support team.

A Leap in Sales and Revenue

And how does all of this increase sales, you may ask? Sales reps are a key element in the chain of sales. On top of creating direct communication channels between your company and consumers, sales reps are incredibly important in B2B relations, keeping their assigned business partners happy and ensuring constant sales with your most reliable collaborators.
Route optimization is one of those factors in logistics businesses that has a tremendous spillover effect. With route optimization, you can ensure that your reps spend as little time on the road as possible, curbing maintenance, fuel and salary costs. This also ensures an efficiency in completing meetings that will keep customers happy and much more likely to order using your business again, thus increasing sales. Efficiency also means that, with the same amount of manpower and resources, your company can get more work done, thus servicing more customers, and increasing the company’s potential, raising revenue.
So then, wondering where you can get your hands on such a potent tool, an app that will seamlessly optimize your routes and synchronize your managing team, your drivers, and the customers? Look no further, because MyRouteOnline can do all of this and much more! Start optimizing your activity, raising efficiency, sales, and revenue.
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