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How Are FedEx Routes Planned?

May 31, 2022
Fedex Routes

How does FedEx plan its drivers’ routes?

FedEx is one of the largest logistics and delivery companies in the world. With reportedly more than 3 million deliveries in the USA daily, it represents a model for delivery companies all around the world.
The optimization of deliveries in a company such as FedEx starts with:

  • Delimitating delivery areas.
  • Assigning a specific area to each driver.

  • After the creation of these delivery zones, the routes are optimized using algorithms or programs that take into consideration distances, traffic, road types and many other factors, in order to establish the most efficient routes for each driver.
    This way, each driver manages to obtain the shortest routes, the fastest delivery time, the best fuel efficiency and, most importantly, the highest number of packages delivered within a driver’s shift. This approach also ensures the most comfort for the drivers, allowing them to avoid traffic and possible road incidents, works or roadblocks, simply by choosing the most optimal route. Another crucial element to this process is the efficient repartition of drivers in different regions, by taking into account the density of deliveries per region. Sometimes more drivers may need to be assigned to one specific area, while two or three areas with less deliveries may be assigned only one driver.

    How do independent FedEx contractors make use of routing?

    Route optimization is also a crucial part of the delivery process even for independent FedEx contractors. An independent contractor is a professional who handles either delivery from a FedEx warehouse to a client’s home, using their own vehicle or a leased vehicle, or a professional who handles long-haul large deliveries between different parts of a country or between different countries, using their own vehicle and a FedEx provided trailer and packaged goods.
    In the case of home delivery independent contractors, route optimization software and algorithms is just as important as in large fleets. When working as an independent contractor, a driver must handle their own business, their own vehicle, fuel consumption, and must ensure that they meet the schedule and requirements laid out by the large company that they work with, such as FedEx. For this reason, using a route optimization software will create the most efficient route to ensure you meet your schedules and keep maintenance and fuel costs to a minimum.

    How can you benefit from route optimization using MyRoute Online?

    MyRouteOnline is the perfect route optimization software that will be your delivery partner in both the following cases:

  • If you lead a large delivery company with a fleet of dozens of vehicles.
  • If you are an independent contractor collaborating with a larger company, such as FedEx.

  • MyRouteOnline offers quick access to a route planning solution directly from the browser, without the need for installing extensive software. The program supports importing a large number of addresses, as many as 1000, and the creation of an optimized route, manual editing and exporting to a number of preferred formats. This ensures you can prepare your route from the day before, export it seamlessly, and be ready to go the next day.

    For larger logistics companies, MyRouteOnline offers more extensive and advanced features. The program can be integrated into fleet management systems for a perfect synchronization with the company’s fleet. Additionally, it allows you to map territories and assign them to different drivers to balance workload, as well as planning an unlimited number of routes at once, to manage fleets of any size.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to implement our route planning tool into your business delivery activity. Make MyRouteOnline your trustworthy daily delivery companion!
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