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Holiday Season Deliveries: Getting There Before Santa Does!

December 19, 2013     ShareThis

Holidays season deliveries can be the most frustrating for any delivery driver, whether delivering your usual goods to your usual customers or else delivering holiday fruit baskets and presents to places you’ve never been before. Not only is your cargo load increased, but your driving time is increased as well due to the holiday shoppers and travelers. Even the normal traffic patterns you’ve come to expect can be disrupted by a larger than normal amount of cars on the road.

Multiple stops challenge

One of the trickiest parts of handling deliveries, however, is not the driving itself. Good drivers can improvise routes from “Point A” to “Point B” if things get snarly on the road. What becomes time-consuming is getting from Point A to Points B, C, D, and beyond. Plotting a route is not as easy as “just get in and go.”

With My Route Online’s route planning software, a driver or dispatcher can enter addresses along the route and, by designating a starting point and an ending point, have a whole route, or series of routes, plotted out in a path that saves time, fuel, and money by mapping the most efficient route. With holiday deliveries, this is an especially serious consideration as the increase in workload puts your trucks, vans, bikes, etc. on the road for a greater amount of time. All of your deliveries are important. Not only do you have your regular deliveries and holiday gifts, but as the end of the year draws near, there are places that need to get paperwork delivered such as tax documents, End-Of-Year reports and inventories, and other time-sensitive records.

Getting there on time

Proper route planning can make all the difference between getting there on time and getting there just after your destination closes. Big or small, your route is your lifeblood. Contact us and try our free demo to see how we can make your holiday season deliveries glide along in a smooth, efficient, cost-saving manner!