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Grow Your Landscape Business by Planning Routes

March 03, 2015

NC State University is holding its annual Growing IN Place Symposium, on March 5th, 2015.
Newcastle University, UK is having a conference on Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild, on the 26-28th of March 2015, inviting participants from around the world.
Earth hour is around the corner, and everyone wants to world to be greener.
MyRouteOnline joins this green challenge, helping gardening and landscape businesses to find an edge in this competitive industry by reviewing the costs associated with fuel, mileage and vehicle maintenance.
The first step is to analyze customer routes and determine if they are planned in the most efficient way possible.

Find the Shortest Distance or Fastest Time

The goal is to prevent lost drivers or unnecessary backtracking by creating an automated route plan that is optimized for either shortest distance or fastest time.
As a result, your company can strategically plan routes — saving the time and energy it takes to plan out the day for your employees. The process is simple: import your customer addresses and watch as the software develops routes that make sense based on their location and the time spent at each stop.

Full Driving Directions, Easy Updates for Changing Schedules

Our online route planner will organize your customer locations to provide the optimal route. You’ll have full driving directions for your drivers, making sure they are getting to the right places, on time. And if you often experience route changes, updating the plan is quick and easy. You simple reload your route and add or delete the necessary stops.
Major corporations heavily invest in route planning as a cost saving measure. Today, small businesses can do the same. Online route planning can make a difference to your bottom line, helping your gardening or landscape maintenance business get ahead.
Find out how we can help your business. Contact us for more information or a free trial.