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Gone mobile: Paper shredding comes to your office

January 10, 2022

Having your identity stolen is an anxiety riddled experience. You never feel quite safe again leaving your wallet out of your site, you double check all your accounts daily to make sure nothing is amiss and begin shredding every document that comes in your home before trashing it. Protecting your identity and your privacy seems to becoming a more difficult task nowadays with our data crossing the internet and the quantity of mail we receive.

Thankfully, paper shredding has gone mobile. Of course large businesses use paper shredding services if they are handling sensitive or classified documents and large quantities of paper, such as a law firm. But there are also residential services that can help small businesses and families protect their information as well.

Home and small businesses use shredding services

Small businesses can box up all the paperwork they wish to destroy and have it ready for the mobile shredders. From tax documents to outdated contracts, old customer information to medical records, paper shredding companies will securely destroy all sensitive materials and protect your customers. Simply call a few companies and get free quotes to start the process.

The same goes for home paper shredding needs. All that junk mail that has your name and address on it? Box it up. Think about how many credit card offers you get, all the billing statements or paper bills you receive. If you have a home to clean-up for moving or selling purposes, the mobile paper shredding company can help reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be moved. Choose a reputable paper shredding company and book a convenient time for them to pull into your driveway and take care of your information destruction needs.

These companies undergo essential certifications such as ISO 9001 and NAID (the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services). Every reputable business will have these certifications as well as a rigorous training for their employees, including but not limited to criminal background checks, drug testing and signing non-disclosure agreements.

Shredding businesses reduce operational costs

There are many companies who charge for management services, fuel surcharges and additional trip fees. This is largely due to the cost of operating a delivery service (delivering the shredder to your doorstep for use). But there is a way for mobile paper shredding companies to save on these costs so they don’t get passed on to customers.

By using a trucking route planner, companies can cut down on fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear through the best route optimization software. Paper shredding truck drivers have a list of appointments each day to which they plug the addresses into their GPS and go. However, GPS systems do not choose the best route to travel for all the destinations like MyRouteOnline does.

Benefits of using MyRouteOnline truck route planner

If these mobile shredders use MyRouteOnline, they can plug in the addresses well ahead of time and even make real time changes as needed because the route planning is all done online. It is a convenient way to keep the flow of travel information going between dispatch and the drivers. The route is planned out using the least amount of miles and time, making fuel costs decrease immediately in the first use.

Another great feature is the time gap allowance – basically when a driver arrives to the location, the route planner can add the necessary amount of time needed to shred all the documents (based on the clients quote). This gives the dispatcher and drivers a true look at how long a route will take, keeping the guess work out of it. This helps keep drivers happy because they don’t have to rush and customers are happy because the drivers are on time and caring for their sensitive material without hurry.

There are so many great benefits to MyRouteOnline, whether you have a huge fleet of shredding trucks or a small fleet of vans. Contact us if you need additional information.
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