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Get the Best Online Map Service with MyRouteOnline

August 09, 2023
Get the best online map service

We’re here to cut through the online noise and let you know the best online map service to help you get from point A to point Z (and everything between!) in the most efficient manner possible. There’s no denying that there are many viable options when it comes to using navigational apps today to help you navigate your journey and daily activities. But, there are certainly some that have more functionality than others that are designed specifically for users’ issues today. Read on, and you will soon understand why thousands of drivers consider MyRouteOnline the best map service available today!

How it all started at MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline was conceptualized and brought to life by Dr. Baruch Axelrod, an avid traveler, computer scientist, and loving family man. One day, Baruch was talking to his daughter, Inbal, who was exasperated after completing several deliveries for a flower shop. Because the flower shop would have multiple deliveries at once, Inbal had to painstakingly insert each address individually, then attempt to figure out the most logical order to deliver them based on their distance from the flower shop and their relation to one another, which was incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. Inbal turned to her father for a solution, and boom, some years later, in 2009, Baruch had developed MyRouteOnline. This system helps businesses of all sizes create and navigate their stops easily.

MyRouteOnline features

MyRouteOnline is one of the best online map services due to its detailed and comprehensive user functionalities, designed for individual use, team coordination, and communication.

Here’s a peek at what you can do with the best map service out there:

  • Import an external list of destinations using Excel, Text, or CSV
  • Use cloud storage to import a list of contact from Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Plan a route with up to 1000 destinations in a single route
  • Set service times to incorporate the time it will take drivers to deliver parcels once they’ve reached their destination
  • Select a preferred optimization goal from minimizing distance, minimizing time, or balancing between the two
  • Save and reload routes
  • Update past routes
  • Manually edit routes as desired
  • Teams can plan an unlimited amount of routes at the same time to designate individual drivers
  • Receive animated directions along your journey
  • Plan multi-day journeys and extended trips for sales trips or long-haul drivers
  • This is merely a peek at what is available with MyRouteOnline. Users can also track successful deliveries, receive delivery updates, and integrate with other well-known navigational apps such as Google Maps, Waze, and more with Zapier integrations.

    Who is MyRouteOnline for?

    MyRouteOnline is for anyone that wants access to an optimized route with the click of a button. MyRouteOnline users are primarily business owners that operate in all sizes of delivery, procurement, and fulfillment. They may have dozens or hundreds of stops on their routes, making it nearly impossible to determine which route is the fastest on their own. MyRouteOnline helps these businesses save time during their drive and before they hit the road.

    In addition, MyRouteOnline is used by smaller companies and individual users who have multiple stops to make and operate via walking or cycling.

    How to get started with the best map service

  • Set up and start creating routes in about 5 minutes!
  • Head to MyRouteOnline and register/login
  • Import or insert your required destinations
  • Select your goals, including prioritization and mode of transport
  • Click “Plan My Route” and access your comprehensive, optimized multi-stop route!
  • To use your route on the go, download and navigate with the MyRoute app
  • FAQs

    How long does it take to formulate a route?
    The route processing time will vary depending on the length of your route and the number of addresses you’ve input. If it’s small, it can take a matter of seconds; if it’s more complex, it may take several minutes- don’t worry, you’re going to get back all of that time and more by using the app.
    Why not use MapQuest or Google Maps?
    While both apps can do a fair job of helping users navigate their journey and even have multi-stop functionality (MapQuest: 26, google Maps: 10), they don’t assist in optimizing your journey.

    Get started today!