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Fuel your geographical growth

March 06, 2014     ShareThis

MyRouteOnline route planner can help your business expand into geographically adjacent markets. Adjacency is one of the smartest ways to find new customers while staying relatively close to home increases your chances of success.

There are many reasons why your company may be looking to grow. Expansion may appeal to your entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you are approaching your full potential in your current market or you have profits you want to reinvest. Whatever the reason, adjacency is usually less risky than diversifying because you stick with what you know. Using a route planner offers many benefits that will help you extend your delivery area.

Cutting costs
More efficient routes allow you to cover more territory with the same number of drivers and vehicles. If the increased area is modest, you may not even be adding much in the way of fuel costs.

Reaching Out To Similar Markets
Understanding your new potential customers and their economics is often the deciding issue as to whether any planned growth succeeds. If you’re sticking close to your home base, your prospects may have many of the same characteristics as you current clientele. If they share similar lifestyles, buying habits and finances, they may want your products and services too.

Efficient Advertising and Marketing
You may be able to reach your new audience without having to significantly increase your budget for promotions. Your new prospects will already see any local advertising you do in print publications, radio or television. Best of all, they probably encounter your current customers through work or other daily activities, so they will hear any good word of mouth you generate.

See how MyRouteOnline can fuel your growth. instantly turn multiple addresses into an efficient route plan, saving you hours, time, gas and money. Contact us today or watch a free demo to learn more.