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From Landscaping to Snow Maintenance Around New Years

November 03, 2016     ShareThis

In any business that relies on nature to some degree, maintaining profits can be a tricky line to toe. There are many variables for owners and operators of landscaping businesses to manage, such as labor, overall costs and services offered. There are other line items to be managed, like equipment and marketing, however they tend to be more manageable than the other big three.

Keeping Expenses in Check

Labor is a challenging expense because of the high turnover rate, and dealing with a fluctuating level of business. A great company will have a solid core group of employees that remain with them year round, and then adding temporary or seasonal workers as needed.

Companies who are operational year round with landscaping have an easier time maintaining labor costs because business can be steadier than their northern counterparts. In the snow belt, landscaping season is usually from March through the holidays, though if winter settles in early, it can be shorter. Investing in your labor force is critical to the success of your business, such as healthcare options, bonuses, and other benefits. Offering these as well as cultivating a caring culture will help to keep turnover down and profits up.

Overall costs, like repairs, gas, phones and other utilities can be kept low with good management. Because landscaping businesses are mobile operations, fuel is a big concern for owners. Not only does much of the equipment operate on fuel, but the vehicles used to haul the equipment are generally not fuel efficient in anyway.

Service is what sets companies apart, more importantly when they offer much of the same product. Packaging services, as a form of service, is an excellent way to be unique and offer value. For example, one way for landscaping companies to set themselves apart from their competition is offering multi-seasonal package deals, mowing and gardening combined with snow removal and holiday décor for their business clients. By offering multi-seasonal services, it helps keep the cash flow fluid and continuous.

Saving Cash, Staying Solvent

Route planning is an excellent way to save money on fuel costs. MyRouteOnline has many benefits, and when looking at ways to save money on variable expenses, landscaping companies can invest pennies for a big return. Preparing routes for your landscaping crews is simple and easy, with the ability to plan for as many as 350 addresses.

MyRouteOnline is inexpensive and easy to use. It can be accessed anywhere, from computer, tablet or smartphone. There is even an app designed especially for smartphones, assisting with ease of use and enabling hands-free guidance. It is the perfect solution to help save costs on the road.

Operating a landscaping operation requires a flexible approach, being ready to make instant changes, respond to customer needs and be aware of the changing demand of the business. By remaining open to change and keeping your finger on the pulse of expenses, your landscaping business will be successful.