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Free Route Mapping App – Easily Plan Your Driving Route

April 03, 2023
Free route mapping app

If you frequently drive from here to there…and there…and there…and there, and so on, well, we feel you! Being in a professional role that requires you to be butt in seat and vehicle in motion all day long is no easy feat. You have to worry about hitting your stop targets, staying alert throughout the day, traffic, road closures, construction, and more. But none of that is as tiresome and mentally draining as planning your route each morning. You’ve probably tried a ton of different navigation apps out there, hoping to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Or, perhaps you’re a clever cookie, and you typed “free route mapping app” into the old Google machine, which landed you here. Either way, if you want to plan your driving route easily, let us introduce you to MyRouteOnline!

What is MyRouteOnline?

MyRouteOnline is a premium route mapper app that helps you plan your multi-stop route with ease and efficiency. It works with all major GPS apps, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, and more, allowing you to focus on other areas of your day and business.

Benefits of Route Planning

MyRouteOnline is a life-changing route-planning app. But what are the real benefits of route planning; is it even worth it? The short answer here is a resounding “YES.” There are many upsides to utilizing a savvy route planning app to help you, your employees, and your team have a productive and stress-free day at work. It’s all about efficiency and taking on the mentality of working smart, not hard. It eliminates the need for any manual; route planning, which in some cases can eat up hours of a work day. Some teams hire an employee (or team of employees) solely to map out the logistics of upcoming routes for drivers. Utilizing technology, you can ensure you get the best route every single time without second-guessing and re-checking.

Ultimately, if your employees spend less time on the road, back-tracking over stretches of the road and zooming back and forth throughout the day, it means great things for your business:

  • Decreased fuel usage per journey
  • Reduced mileage and stress on company vehicles
  • More efficient use of staff time, leading to less overtime
  • Lowered carbon emissions
  • More freed up time for vehicles to be repurposed and staff to work on additional responsibilities
  • Who can benefit from the use of our route mapping app?

    Anyone that wants to use a free route-mapping app to calculate a multi-stop route for them. MyRouteOnline has been used across various industries and professionals including truck drivers and delivery services. Below are just a couple of industries that frequently make multi-stop journeys:
    Deliveries and Distribution
    By definition, delivery companies and their drivers drive around daily from destination to destination, making deliveries and distributing goods. Therefore, planning an efficient route can reduce mileage and fuel costs and lower overall operating costs. You can also increase communication within your team with route-tracking updates. This is particulaly beneficial if you deliver perishable goods such as flowers or food. All of this allows you to predict delivery time frames and provide a higher level of service to your end customers or clients.
    Service and Maintenance
    Technician workers and teams often spend hours a day driving from one project site to the next; optimizing their travel routes will help them spend more time on site, working directly with clients, and less time zipping back and forth. MyRouteOnline also allows you to distribute tasks or projects based on the current location of each of your team members.
    Users include sales reps, real estate agents, road-trip enthusiasts, long-haul truck drivers, political canvassing groups, meal delivery organizations, and so much more!

    Join them today; registering with our route mapper app only takes a few minutes!

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