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Florist Success: What Your Customers Want for Valentine’s

February 02, 2021
Every florist needs a good route planning software

Valentine’s Day is a wild and crazy day for florists around the country. Everyone wants to show their sweetheart how much they love them by sending flowers and wants them delivered on February 14th. But how do they choose with which florist to entrust their purchase?

There are two kinds of customers that florists may encounter, the ones who will spare no expense for the one they love and those who are working on a budget. During this holiday, as every florist knows all too well, the price of red roses skyrockets to triple or even quadruple the normal price.

Market yourself to the masses

Make sure to have a wide variety of options. Help your customer choose what is best for them by having varied colored roses, orchids, lilies, and assorted tropical flowers for unusual bouquets that will wow the recipient.
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Partner with online florists

In the Age of Technology that we live in today, so many people purchase their flowers online. There are some who are independent operators but ones like 1-800Flowers and Teleflora source their orders to local florists. By participating in these online companies, you can increase your business exponentially not only during the holiday but all year round as well.

Another characteristic that is valuable to any customer looking for a delivery is timeliness. This is never an easy task because Valentine’s Day is a one day event and often the drivers are combating traffic and weather elements. Every florist needs a good route planning software though some are very expensive to have as part of the internal software systems. MyRouteOnline is the perfect choice for small and large florists alike.

Plan efficient routes

To reduce costs for your business and stress on drivers, MyRouteOnline can be set up in advance, with route optimization and accessed from any smartphone. Drivers can use it as a GPS with hands free directions while you can set the route with any amount of time gaps to ensure great customer service at each stop. This simplifies the day for your drivers and you so that the focus can remain on your customers and the beautiful arrangements.

Route optimization means the algorithm the software uses creates a route that will be the shortest between all the destinations. You can enter as many as 350 addresses and create the best routes for your drivers and give accurate times to your customers for delivery. Creating trust like this with your customer base will increase their loyalty and broaden your market share.

Try MyRouteOnline today and see the difference it makes in your flower business. Start now in preparation for Valentine’s Day and you will be an old pro come the next big one, Mother’s Day!