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5 Tips for Fleet Routing Optimization Software

May 09, 2016
Fleet Routing

Managing a fleet is no small task. Some companies have fleets upwards of 300 vehicles and the costs associated with maintenance, training, fuel, repairs and insurance are multiplied. There are ways to minimize these costs, and make your fleet operation not only safe but efficient.

1. Incentivize Good Driving Practices:

Healthy competition is good for a fleet driving team, provided the goal is safety and efficiency. Some ideas are to offer bonuses for drivers without accidents, lowest fuel costs, or the most passed safety checks. Everyone responds to positive reinforcement, and by creating a plan that rewards drivers on a monthly basis can lead to consistent performance and efficiency habits.

2. Vehicle Checks:

Doing systematic checks on vehicles for general maintenance like tire treads, oil changes, and other safety checks can lead to less break downs which cost time and money. Additionally, performing mileage checks helps ensure the efficiency of each driver and provide a level of accountability for the fleet to maintain.

3. Minimizing Distractions:

There are many things that distract drivers today, from eating and smoking to phone calls and GPS inputs. While smoking is no longer allowed in company vehicles as per state laws, there are still plenty of other distractions. Keeping these to a minimum will keep your drivers safe and less stressed, plus your vehicles protected from inadvertent accidents.

4. Two Way Feedback:

By collecting data through tracking systems, you can set up feedback sessions with your drivers and coach them based on patterns seen in the data. Conducting regular meetings keeps them informed of current laws and company policies that affect their driving. Conversely, it is ideal to allow them to give you feedback, as they are on the ground with firsthand knowledge of what is working and what isn’t. The sense of value they will feel can also motivate the drivers to continuous improvements in all areas of their job.

5. Fleet Policy/Handbook:

Documentation can be a very helpful resource for drivers out on the road. If there is ever a question that comes up, they can refer to their manual or if it is not included, bring it to your attention in the feedback sessions. It can be an invaluable tool for new drivers who may not have much experience.

Route optimization program that helps

MyRouteOnline can help with many of these tips to help improve your fleets’ performance. Using the route planner will give drivers a less stressful day out on the road, with easy to access directions for each of their stops. MyRouteOnline also allows for time gaps, such as for lunch breaks or additional time for excellent customer service.

The route optimizer creates the most efficient route for all the stops entered into the program, which saves on fuel costs and time out on the road. The results are astounding, with less maintenance needed on the vehicles and driver’s getting to places on time or early which makes everyone’s day but especially your customers.

Whether you are managing a fleet of school buses, package delivery vehicles, or food deliverers, MyRouteOnline can help you keep costs down, drivers happier and bring more profit to your bottom line. Try it today for free!

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