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Five businesses that benefit from using a route planner

April 17, 2014     ShareThis

A route planner is an electronic mapping program that guarantees your route is planned in the fastest and most fuel-efficient way possible – a move that saves you and your business time, money and frustration.

Who Benefits from Route Planning?
If you’re considering investing in a route planning application for your phone or GPS, we guarantee the following five businesses (to name just a few!) will find it significantly worth their investment:

1) Real-Estate Agents: The multiple stops on a real-estate agent’s list will be efficiently laid out by neighborhood and address for their eager clientèle. Less time driving means more time for showing homes and, ultimately, more time for sales!

2) Florists: While last-minute orders can’t always be avoided, a route planner can prevent you from wasting time and money driving all over for floral deliveries.

3) Maintenance/Landscaping: The important business of beautifying and maintaining local parks, yards and green areas can be simplified through route-planning.

4) Insurance Sales: Insurance and all other type of door-to-door sales typically are paid based on commission, so an efficient route that saves you time and money is more important than ever.

5) Recycling: Efforts to conserve plastic, metal and cardboard materials by protecting the earth’s resources are reinforced by also conserving fuel. Recycling services are a benefit to the community and are another business that will benefit from the use of a route planner.

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