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Excellent insight into driver behavior

June 05, 2014

Planning Efficient Routes by Hand is Hard

When you plan a route for one of your drivers, it can take a great deal of time, can’t it? Perhaps you pass this job off to one of the other employees in your office, and since that person doesn’t really know the areas outside of their hometown, it’s difficult and stressful for them to plan the routes with confidence.

Online Route Planning Software can Help you Plan Better Routes

Electronically planning routes for your employees makes a great deal of sense. Not only will you be able to easily track where your drivers are, but you will also have excellent information that can give you insight about your drivers days when you plan their routes. For example, when you hire new drivers, you understand that there has to be a learning curve until they get acclimated. Once their training is over, a web-based route planning program will help you track their progress. You’ll be able to easily see if they’re getting faster, so you’ll know when you should add more to their routes.

You Can Even Measure the Efficiency of your Drivers

When you have an electronic route planner, you never have to worry about whether or not your drivers are doing their jobs well. You’ll have access to an estimated time table for each driver, each day. This will allow you to measure where each of your drivers strengths lie, which will enable to you to adjust their route assignments according to those strengths. The result will be less hours for your drivers, and more efficient routes for your company.

Having access to what your drivers excel in, as far as different types of deliveries go, will give you the information you need to make better route plans. For example, if one of your drivers seems to do well when he works in one town because he knows the town inside and out, you can use the system to schedule that employee for routes that are quicker and more cost-efficient for your company.

It’s absolutely essential for you to gain insight into your drivers behavior, and the right route planning program gives you the tools to do that. If you would like more information about MyRouteOnline, contact us today.