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Essential Workers Stay Safe with Online Route Planning

May 01, 2020
Essential workers

As someone who has been deemed an “essential worker” during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t afford to be late. Now more than ever it is important for you to reach your destination in a timely, efficient manner.
This is especially true if you’re working in the healthcare or transportation industries. If you work in either of these industries, you’ve probably always known you were essential to the functioning of your city. Public recognition of this fact has come at a high cost and MyRouteOnline is here to help keep you safe.
MyRouteOnline wants to help workers stay safe by ensuring seamless daily trips from point A to B.
By lessening your time out and about, you’re flattening opportunities for exposure to new people and places. Protecting yourself is key so you can keep working to help your community survive the worst public health crisis in decades.
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As a transit worker

you’re facing more than traffic jams these days. You’re facing the possibility of ill passengers joining your routes. You’re enforcing rules and guiding passengers to keep everyone safe. You’re constantly at war with the clock as you assist other essential workers to reach their destinations so they can keep services running smoothly. Maybe you’re one of the transit workers filling in for a colleague, in which case you’re navigating new obstacles along new routes.

As a healthcare professional

you’re approaching work every day with a strong sense of purpose. Aside from simply showing up on time, working for a healthcare facility may require timely deliveries of samples, supplies, or people to and from different locations in order to provide quality service to patients. Appointment time windows, driver availability and STAT deliveries make this challenge even greater. Home health care visits are a vital part of health services gaining popularity during this crisis as we collectively fight to protect society’s most vulnerable from venturing into public.
In an overwhelming period such as this, how can you spend less time planning and driving and spend more time doing?
MyRouteOnline Route Planner gives you the tools you need to meet these challenges head on.
Using MyRouteOnline, transit workers and healthcare professionals can spend less time on the road while drastically reducing the need for manual route planning.
People choose MyRouteOnline because our system helps companies minimize costs while maximizing daily services and customer satisfaction. For workers providing a crucial service during the pandemic, MyRouteOnline is ideal because it allows you to easily generate routes optimized for time, distance, or both.
In minutes, MyRouteOnline accounts for appointment time windows and a host of other factors to create fuel efficient routes. For many organizations it also keeps superiors up-to-date on driver activities throughout the day.
Create optimized routes, automatically generate trips and schedules as well as manage employees and vehicles.
The pandemic has yet to run its course. Start today to save time route planning, cut down your overall time on the road, and see what else MyRouteOnline can do for you.
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