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Efficient route planning – ways to save on gas

June 29, 2015

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, fuel economy is actually simpler to maintain in hot weather, due to factors such as less aerodynamic drag in warm air, the ability of the engine to reach an optimal temperature more quickly, and the slightly higher energy level of summer grade gasoline.

Reduced fuel economy

However, there are some things that can hamper that fuel economy as well, including rolling down windows or running the air conditioner. Your car’s air conditioner is the main culprit for reduced fuel economy. In fact, in very hot conditions, the AC can reduce fuel economy by 25 percent, the Department of Energy states. Open windows can also cause you to get fewer miles per the gallon, as they produce aerodynamic drag.

How to save fuel

No one is saying you shouldn’t run your AC or roll down your windows when driving on extremely hot days, however. The department recommends rolled down windows at lower speeds when the potential for drag is less, and AC at highway speeds.
Other ways to feel less pain at the pump, the department explained, is to change your driving habits. Aggressive driving can reduce your fuel economy by 33 percent at highway speeds. And remember that gas mileage decreases in speeds over about 50 mph. Every five mph you go over 50 mph equals about $.26 per gallon extra for gas. You can also improve your fuel economy by not carrying around excess rate or hauling things on your vehicle’s roof.
Our small contribution to your improved fuel economy is efficient route planning. Using our route planner reduces the amount of miles you travel when running errands or making deliveries. An added bonus: you spend less time in a hot car, as well. For more information, contact us.