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Efficient Route Planning Using a Web-Based Service

January 16, 2014

Any company that depends on driving for its business needs to know the fastest and most effective ways for finding the quickest route between multiple locations. Information on detours, route changes and any unforeseen obstacles needs to be available. Using a web-based service that helps plan the fastest and most efficient route could be a cost effective solution.

According to an article in Metro Magazine “Routing software is used to create efficient schedules for dozens to hundreds of routes, factoring in numerous variables that include road conditions to union contracts. Technology has taken over what in the past was a laborious project”

Time Optimization
An online program for route planning can save a company time. Since there is no software to install it can be used immediately after paying for the service. It will be able to create routes within a very short amount of time. Since it’s a web-based service, it can be used anywhere at any time of day.

Cost Effective
This online software will provide a decrease in the costs associated with logistics. Operating expenses can be reduced as the route planning can be done fast and efficiently. The best route to multiple destinations will increase customer satisfaction and lower fuel and maintenance costs. It will also help to reduce vehicle emissions as well as the annual mileage put on vehicles.

Operation Management
Online programs for route planning enable the user to determine the most effective way to arrive for deliveries and pick-ups. Dates and times for orders can be easily managed.

Increase Customer Base
This type of online software will enable a company to serve more customers in a shorter period of time. All necessary information can be obtained to quickly respond to any customer needs or requests. Any complaints can be quickly addressed.

If you would like to know more about efficient route planning we can help. Contact us today and learn more.